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Briquettes charged for the first time in SAIL’s BSL blast furnace

The joint team of Blast Furnace Department of Bokaro Steel Plant and SAIL-RDCIS has achieved a big achievement. For the first time, the team has succeeded in charging briquettes in Blast Furnace No. 01 of BSL on a trial basis.

Such experiment happened for the first time in SAIL

This is the first such experiment in SAIL. The project has been implemented under the leadership of BSL Executive Director (Operations) Birendra Kumar Tiwari under the guidance of CGM (Iron) RDCIS AK Mistry and CGM (Blast Furnace) MP Singh.

SAIL got success in developing briquettes

Briquette developed using return sinter, sludge and other fine waste materials of the plant. RDCIS and BSL have successfully developed briquettes using the return sinter, sludge and other fine waste materials of the plant. This is an important step towards making iron making processes sustainable.

Big achievement in the direction of environmental management and resource optimization

Not only this, this new technology is also an important achievement in the direction of environmental management and resource optimization in the steel manufacturing process. Team Bokaro Steel Limited (BSL) is very excited by this. It is noteworthy here that BSL is also conscious about the environment along with steel production.

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BSL and RDCIS were actively involved in the successful testing of the project.

BK Behera, CGM (Sinter Plant) of BSL, CGM (RMHP) Dhananjay Kumar, M Roy, GM (BF), RDCIS, Shyamsundar, GM (BF) BSL, K Minz, GM (BF) BSL, Adarsh ​​Gupta, GM (SP), Anil Kumar, DGM (SP) BSL, Santosh Kumar, DGM RDCIS Bokaro, Manish Madhav, Manager (BF), Smita Toppo, Manager and Abhijeet Das, Manager (both RDCIS Bokaro) were actively involved.

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