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Boyfriend had blackmailed a minor girl in a hotel in Patna, when the raid took place, many more revelations came to light.

Patna Crime News: Late on Friday evening, a couple was being given a room in a hotel in Nepali Nagar of Rajiv Nagar police station in Patna without ID proof. This came to light when Rajiv Nagar police conducted a raid. During this time, five couples were found in different rooms. One of these couples was a minor. All of them had gone to the hotel to have some luxury. But they were given rooms without any investigation and without ID proof like Aadhar card etc. The police arrested the hotel manager Avinash Kumar and a minor student of class 12th in this case.

Minor girl accused of blackmailing

In this regard, a minor girl has filed a case at Rajiv Nagar police station, accusing her boyfriend of blackmailing her and bringing her to the hotel. Hotel owner Vikas Singh, resident of Patel Nagar, has also been investigated by the police by registering a case under negligence. It is said that rooms in the hotel were given on hourly basis. For example, if someone wanted to stay for two hours, he had to pay at least one thousand rupees. Apart from this, additional charges had to be paid for ordering food items. Due to which there was a crowd of couples around the hotel and the people nearby were also worried. It was the local people who had informed the police about the disturbances going on in the hotel. After this, the police team arrived under the leadership of Rajiv Nagar police station incharge Raman Kumar and conducted a raid. When all the rooms were searched, five couples were found. Some were also in objectionable condition. Everyone lost their senses as soon as they saw the police. After this the police arrested the hotel manager Avinash Kumar.

Boy friend accused of blackmailing

Five couples caught on the spot were brought to the police station. Out of which four couples were adults and all of them were called and handed over to their families. But one couple was a minor. The girl involved in the minor couple lodged a case at Rajiv Nagar police station, accusing her boyfriend of blackmailing her. The girl has alleged that the boyfriend had kept some of her personal photographs and he had forcibly brought them to the hotel. After this, the police also caught her boyfriend and presented him in the court. Whereas the minor girl has been handed over to her family. His statement will also be taken in the court.

Police chief said – case registered against hotel owner also

Rajiv Nagar police station incharge Raman Kumar said that the couple was given a room without Aadhar card or other ID proof. At present no evidence has been found regarding running of a sex racket. A case has been registered on the statement of the minor girl found in the hotel room. Information has been taken regarding the hotel owner. A case of negligence has also been registered against him.


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