Bokaro: One mining inspector is responsible for two districts, how will illegal business stop?

Bokaro, CP Singh : The area of ​​Bokaro district is 2883 square km. Bokaro is considered a rich district from mineral point of view. Mining work (coal, sand and stone) is going on on 30 percent of the land. Illegal business related to mining is also going on. The District Mining Department is working to ensure smooth functioning of mining related work, but you will be surprised to know that only one Inspector Jitendra Kumar is posted in the department. However, all zonal officers and police forces have also been given the responsibility to stop illegal mining.

Till 31st August in the financial year 2023-24, 64 FIRs related to illegal mining and transportation have been registered in Bokaro district. Based on secret information, 123 vehicles have been seized. 4443.16 tonnes of illegal mineral products have also been seized by the department. This includes sand 4167 tonnes, stone 44 tonnes and coal 232.16 tonnes. Talking about the FIRs, 30 cases have been registered in relation to sand, 2 in relation to stones and 32 in relation to coal. 50 sand related vehicles, 70 coal transportation related vehicles and 03 stone related vehicles have been seized. A fine of Rs 66 thousand has been collected from the sand vehicle.

Also in charge of Ramgarh

The sole inspector posted in the Bokaro District Mining Department is not responsible only for Bokaro. In fact, he has also been given the charge of Ramgarh. The area of ​​Ramgarh is 1341 square km. That means one inspector is responsible for two districts.

Thousands of tractor sand business every day in the district

Construction work is going on everywhere in Bokaro district area. Government construction work is also going on on a large scale. Sand is required for this. More than 800 to 1000 CFT sand is consumed in the district every day. Since there is not a single sand ghat in the district, lifting is not possible, whereas sand is being lifted from every ghat. Due to lack of manpower in the department, sand lifting is not being stopped.

Bokaro needs three mining inspectors

According to the information, three mining inspectors should be deployed in Bokaro district. But, the deployment of a single inspector affects the work. Due to less manpower, the department is not able to take action on time even if it wants to. The person doing illegal business gets the benefit from this. At present there is a ban on sand mining by NGT i.e. National Green Tribunal. Also, due to lack of arrangement for all the ghats, there should not be lifting of sand, however, sand is being lifted from every ghat in the district.

More than Rs 71 lakh fine was collected in the financial year 2022-23

In the financial year 2022-23, the team of the District Mining Department had done better work. In 2022-23, the department had seized 16721.07 tonnes of illegal minerals. And 234 vehicles were seized. A fine of Rs 71,80,040 was collected. In 2022-23, 12152 tonnes of sand, 2201.51 tonnes of stone and 2367.53 tonnes of coal were seized. A fine of Rs 61,85,000 was collected in illegal trade of sand, Rs 48,000 in stone and Rs 947040 in coal.

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