Bokaro: Bodies buried in the crematorium are disappearing, till now 6 dead bodies have been stolen.

Bokaro News: You must have heard the news of theft of valuables a lot. If an accident occurs, the case of theft of valuables lying near the dead body is also commonly heard. But, have you ever heard that dead bodies are also stolen? Yes, dead bodies are also being stolen in Jharkhand. That too, not one or two dead bodies have been stolen. Till now, a total of 6 cases of theft of dead bodies have come to light.

6 dead bodies missing from Bokaro Jharia OP area

Such a case has come to light in Bokaro Jharia police station area of ​​Bokaro district. The bodies buried in the crematorium located on the banks of Jamunia river in Sijua Panchayat under Bokaro Jharia OP area are going missing. This was revealed on Sunday (3 March). The villagers of Bokaro Jharia had gone to the cremation ground to bury a dead body.

Dead Body Stolen In Jharkhand
Theft of dead bodies is happening in Jharkhand, sensation in Bokaro Jharia due to 6 dead bodies missing from the crematorium.

Chief’s husband saw – dead bodies were taken out by digging a pit

In the same sequence, Rajesh Ram, husband of Sijua Panchayat head Sarita Devi and local people noticed that 6 bodies buried earlier were missing. The dead bodies have been taken out by digging a pit. Shri Ram informed this to Bokaro Jharia OP police station in-charge Srinivas Singh and Chandrapura CO Naresh Kumar Verma.

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Bokaro Jharia officials found during investigation – 6 bodies are missing

After this the officials reached there and found that the six buried bodies were missing. OP in-charge said that recently the bodies of Anu Kumari, Lala Bhuiyan and Mahapatiya Devi were buried here. Their bodies are also missing. Said that I had also come in his funeral procession.

Police will investigate theft of dead bodies from crematorium

OP in-charge also said that the case of dead bodies going missing from the cremation ground will be investigated. Later, the villagers under the leadership of Sijua head Sarita Devi, deputy head Niranjan Hansda, ward member Pushpa Devi, Panchayat Committee member representative Achin Kumar met Bokaro Jharia OP police station in-charge and demanded to highlight this matter.

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