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Board Exam Tips: Do not come under mental pressure before the exam, performance may be affected.

Only a few days are left for CBSE and other board examinations and some have already started. In such a situation, children are coming under mental pressure. This can spoil your upcoming papers. If you want to keep your performance good, the first condition for this is not to come under mental pressure. Remain relaxed and have complete faith in the preparation you have done so far. The papers will go well. The examinations of class 10th and 12th will start from 15th February. For this, now limit your preparation to revision. Keep these examination tips in mind in the few days before the exam…

Follow the old time table only

You can follow the time table with which you have been studying till now. Don’t try to add extra time to it now. Doing this will pressurize you and it can affect your health. Therefore, follow your previous routine. Now the main thing is to study according to your strategy. Whatever you have read till now will be useful for you. There is neither time nor need to read anything new, because your syllabus has been covered.

Solve as many model papers as possible

Solve as many model papers as possible. This will increase your confidence. Solving model papers will mean that you will be able to answer the questions in the stipulated time and it will also be clear as to how the questions are confusing you or taking more time. Practice solving the questions in the stipulated time. Solve the paper within the stipulated time in the prescribed format of the exam. Doing this will help in time management for exam papers. Many times questions are left out even after knowing the answers. To avoid this, make a habit of solving questions before the scheduled time.

Do not read continuously, stay physically active

One should remain physically active even during exam time. It may not happen that you keep reading continuously. It is also important to pay attention to health. Because there is a risk of falling ill by not being physically active during exam time. Don’t make the mistake of reading continuously. You can exercise indoors only. It is not right to keep studying continuously for hours during the exam, because it is also important to relax the mind before the exam. Keep your study routine such that you take a break after every hour of study.

Give equal time to subjects

Keep switching between subjects while studying. It should not happen that someone studies one subject continuously and leaves others. It is important to study by maintaining a balance between all the subjects. Instead of studying the same subject for a long time, study all the subjects for a short period of time. However, if you are weak in subjects then you can give some extra time for them. Do not decide your study time based on someone’s wishes. Study according to your capacity and the time available to you.

Don’t compare children with anyone else

Do not compete with your friends regarding your own exam preparation. Everyone has their own way of studying and their own capability. You give your best as per your ability. Comparing yourself with someone can cause unnecessary mental stress. Parents should also not give you the example of your friends who remain immersed in studies for hours. It may be possible that their way of studying is right for them and not for you. Parents should continuously instill confidence in their children. This will make him mentally strong and prepared for the examination.


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