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BJP MP Varun Gandhi claims, more than 18 lakh people were fired from jobs in 5 years due to privatization

Bareilly : BJP MP from Pilibhit Lok Sabha seat of UP, Varun Gandhi cornered his government on the issue of unemployment. In a program organized in the villages of Bisalpur assembly of Pilibhit Lok Sabha constituency, MP Varun Gandhi on Monday said that due to privatization, 18 lakh people of UP have lost their jobs. Were removed from jobs in the last five years. UP was already in the grip of unemployment. But now the figure of 18 lakh people has increased further. This will affect about one crore families. He said, government jobs are first for the common man. It used to be available immediately after applying. But now after privatization, it has become difficult to get a job. Now even thinking about a job seems difficult. This is the reason why India has become two. One India. People are running easily, but the furnace of other India is getting exhausted. In the last seven years, 28 crore people took the examinations for government jobs, but only 7 lakh people got the job. The MP said, first in our country, engineers Engineering was considered a very big job, but today the condition of engineers is the worst. Every year more than 15 lakh engineers graduate, but only 15 percent get jobs. A village farmer takes a loan to educate his son. , but when he does not get a job, then imagine what would be going through his heart. In this time, it is not easy to study by taking loan. He said, in the present time, temporary employment is increasing, those who are on contract. When will their jobs be snatched away? This cannot go to anything. Because of privatization, all the jobs have become on contract.

MPs came on a two-day visit

MP Varun Gandhi said that one has to struggle a lot to become an officer or an army warrior. Agniveers will be fired after serving for five years. After returning to the village, what will he do when he has no work in the village? Is this not an insult to the army? The MP said, in the last eight years, real wages have increased by only one percent, but inflation has increased manifold. Its impact is on the common people. People had savings. This inflation has destroyed that.

MP Varun Gandhi has come on a two-day tour to the Lok Sabha constituency. He addressed public dialogue programs in the villages like Abhay Bhagwantpur, Sorha, Majhgawan, Radeta, Rohania Bhuda etc. of Bisalpur Assembly constituency. He also listened to the problems of the people. During this, MP Secretary Kamalkant, Incharge Gopal, Rajesh Singh, Achal Dixit, Bunty Gupta, Tilak Sharma, Suraj Shukla, Shivendra Shukla, Bharat Sharma, Prakash Sharma, Anmol Singh, Bunty Mishra, Vimal Shukla, Raju Jaiswal, Pramod Gupta, Sushil Sharma, Amar Singh, Lalit Mohan Gangwar, Amar Jaiswal, Sumit Mishra, Deepak Pandey etc. were present.

Report: Muhammad Sajid


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