BJP MLA will travel to Bodh Gaya today before floor test, Nitish Kumar calls JDU MLA to Patna

Patna. The new NDA government formed in Bihar has to receive its trust vote on 12th February. Before this, both the party and the opposition are expressing no confidence in their respective MLAs and sending them either to a safe place outside the capital or outside the state. After the statements of Tejashwi and then his wife on social media, political turmoil has intensified in Bihar. On one hand, due to fear of MLAs switching sides, Congress has shifted all its MLAs to Hyderabad, while ruling party JDU has called its MLAs to Patna, BJP has planned to take its MLAs to Bodh Gaya today.

Congress fears its own disintegration

RJD and Congress are continuously claiming that Nitish government will not be able to pass the floor test. Ever since the formation of the new government in Bihar, opposition parties have been talking about a big game before the floor test. After all such claims, even though JDU and BJP are saying that they have majority figures, there is panic even among the ruling parties. However, after NDA’s return to power, Congress, fearing a split in the party, has shifted 16 of its MLAs to Hyderabad, who will reach Patna on February 12.

BJP called all MLAs to Gaya for training

All parties have prepared various programs to keep their MLAs in front of their eyes. BJP has organized a training camp in Bodh Gaya on 10 and 11 February, in which all 78 MLAs, Legislative Councilors and party officials have been directed to reach Bodh Gaya. All BJP MLAs will stay away from Patna before the floor test. Through this training camp, BJP is shifting its MLAs to Bodhgaya due to fear of possible game. Today all the BJP MLAs will travel to Bodhgaya and reach Patna on 12th February, the day of floor test.

JDU called all the MLAs to Patna on the pretext of banquet

Here, before the trust vote in the Assembly on February 12, JDU has also directed all its MLAs to reach Patna by Saturday. All the MLAs have been invited to a banquet organized at the residence of Minister Shravan Kumar on Saturday. Along with this, JDU has called a meeting of its legislature leaders at the residence of Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary on Sunday. All JDU MLAs will be in front of Nitish’s eyes for the next two days before the floor test.

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