Bizarre Video: Woman was shopping and the ground came out from under her

Bizarre: Who doesn’t like shopping! Going to the mall and selecting the items of your choice one by one and adding them to your cart. All this seems good until something happens. We will pray for you that what happened to this woman should not happen to anyone else.

The ground collapsed from under the feet

Actually, a video is going viral on the internet in which a woman is shopping in a shopping mall. Everything is going well when suddenly the ground goes out from under his feet. Yes, the ground sinks beneath the woman’s feet and she gets absorbed in it.

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There was chaos

There was chaos in the shopping mall when the floor of one of its center floors suddenly collapsed and a woman got trapped inside it. When the floor collapsed, both a construction laborer and a woman working on the floor below were trapped. He was later rescued by emergency personnel and taken to a nearby hospital.

China Shopping Mall floor collapse video

Everything was recorded in the mall’s security camera.

This surprising case is being reported from the Chinese city of Zhenjiang. The condition of both the people injured in this accident is stable. This incident, which happened in the last week of March, was recorded in the security camera installed there. In the video going viral on social media, the woman is seen carrying some bags in her hands. During this, suddenly part of the ground collapses and the woman also gets trapped in it.

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