Bizarre News: You would hardly have seen such a fish anywhere

Bizarre News: Many times it happens that the design of some things is such that they can surprise your eyes. Sometimes you may make the mistake of mistaking one thing for something else. One such video is going viral on social media these days in which there is a fish which many people are considering as a rubber ball or a toy. On top of that, its color is making it even more special.

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Bizarre News: Many people are surprised to see this strange fish

The fish in this video is called Auranda fish which is a type of gold fish, although its color is completely opposite to the color of gold fish. Actually it is from the species of gold fish but it is completely opposite in appearance. According to the information received from Wikipedia, to produce this special type of fish, mating of a fish named Gold Fish and Black Peacock is done and only then it gets this unique color.

Bizarre News: People are sharing a lot of videos

People are widely sharing the video of this strange fish on social media, some are calling it a rubber ball and some are calling it a toy. A total of 55 lakh people have watched this video so far. People are sharing their different experiences about this fish through comments on social media.

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