Bizarre News: You have rarely seen such love between an animal and a human, watch video

Bizarre News: It is said that the love of animals is of a very different kind, they cannot speak to the voiceless but they maintain their relationship with those with whom they are attached with great love. It is said that whenever an animal comes outside your house, you should give it a loaf of bread, but even the biggest of people are often seen having a cruel nature towards animals. In such a situation, Dr. Vikas Kumar has shared a video on his are doing.

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Bizarre News: Infinite love visible between animal and man

In this video, a cow comes to a vegetable seller and is seen pampering that person with great love. It is clearly seen in the video that there are many vegetables there but the cow does not eat even a single vegetable by itself, unless the person selling the vegetables gives it a vegetable to eat with his own hands. Doesn’t eat vegetables. And when that person gives it all to her, she eats it with great love. Watching this video it is also understood that even if a person is not rich in money, he can definitely be rich in heart.

Bizarre News: Video is being shared widely on social media

This video is being shared widely on social media platforms. People are mesmerized by the love between this person and this animal and are also praising the animal’s intelligence. Many people are also praising the person in this video, one person has commented and written that “Even though that person is poor in money, but till date I have never seen a person richer in heart than him”. One user wrote that “There is great virtue in serving animals and this person will be very happy in his life.”

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