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Bizarre News: When I checked my wife’s WhatsApp status, I lost my senses, ran to the police station

Bizarre News: In today’s time, we have all become more active on social media platforms. It would not be wrong to say that our world has revolved around social media. Social media has made its place in our lives in such a way that now we get information about anything from there. Staying updated on social media platforms has become very important for us and we have become deeply addicted to it. Recently, an incident related to social media has come to light which has shocked everyone.

This is a matter of Uttar Pradesh

This matter is from Uttar Pradesh. According to the information revealed here, a man came to know about his wife’s nefarious intentions and that too through WhatsApp status. This man would never have imagined even in his dreams that his wife disliked him so much. Let us tell you that when this man checked his wife’s WhatsApp status, he came to know that she hates him so much that she can even give betel nut to get him murdered. In this status, the wife had written about giving betel nuts to people to kill her husband.

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what was in this status

According to the information revealed, there was rift between husband and wife for a long time. Meanwhile, the man checked his wife’s WhatsApp status in which she had written something that shocked him. This woman had written in her WhatsApp status that she would give 50 thousand rupees to whoever kills her husband. The person saw this WhatsApp status and first ran to the police to save his life. This case has been registered and the matter is being investigated under the Information Technology Act.

didn’t want to get married

According to the information revealed, both of them got married in the year 2022. This woman is from Bhind. After about 5 months of marriage, this woman started living at her maternal home. Not only this, this woman has also filed a case in the court against her husband for divorce and maintenance. If the husband is to be believed, his wife has been forced to marry him against her will. The girl was having an affair with another young man and the boy had even threatened to kill her over the call.

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