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Bizarre News: Prisoners’ sentences get reduced by reading books in Brazilian prisons

Bizarre News: If someone is sentenced to jail by the court, then he wants to know how to get out of jail. There is a unique way to reduce jail sentences in Brazil. According to a Reuters report, any prisoner who reads books during his prison sentence gets his prison term reduced. Brazil has a unique way of reducing the prison sentence of prisoners. According to a Reuters report, prisoners who read books during their time in jail have their prison terms reduced.

No death or life imprisonment for prisoners in jails

In fact, there is a special program in Brazil named Books Behind Bars. The theme of this program is to read books, get the punishment reduced and then go out smiling. Increasing literacy is also a motive of this program. Let us tell you that there is no death sentence or life imprisonment for prisoners in Bolivian prisons. Under this program, those prisoners who read more books inside the jail are released before completing their sentence. It has been seen that the prisoners lodged in the jails here are not very educated.

Brazilian prisons are always overcrowded

Let us tell you that Brazil is one of the most criminal countries in Latin America. Brazilian prisons have always been considered a place to house some of the most dangerous people in the world, with many problems such as overcrowding and drug problems.

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Similar arrangement for prisoners in Finland alsoSimilar arrangement for prisoners in Finland also

The law also ensures that prisoners cannot read too many books in jail as a maximum of 12 books are given to a prisoner in a year. Apart from Brazil, similar arrangements have been made for prisoners in Finland also, where they can complete their graduation studies in jail itself. However, unlike Brazil, this does not affect the prison time of Finnish prisoners.


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