Birthday special: Chief Minister of Bihar is synonymous with employment, development in the state gained momentum under the leadership of Nitish Kumar.

Today, March 1, is the birthday of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The voice of public concern is important in the concept of welfare state. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s politics runs along these ideological parameters. Therefore, even after 20 years of rule, ’employment’ is the most important issue. Under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, Bihar has given concrete shape to the concept of inclusive development.

Bihar becomes the state providing highest employment

Bihar is developing faster in all parameters of development (growth rate 10.98%) compared to other states of the country. Under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, Bihar has become the most employment generating state since 2005. The state government is considering all employment possibilities with sensitivity, whether it is created by the state government or self-employment fostered by it.

Teachers are being appointed in a phased manner.

Education is the most important weapon in empowering humans, but when the wind of employment starts blowing in the state through education, then its importance increases. Recently, Bihar government has set a record in the entire country by appointing teachers through the education department. Nitish government is appointing teachers in a phased manner. In the first phase, 1.77 lakh teachers have been appointed, in the second phase, 1.04 lakh teachers have been appointed and in the third phase, the appointment of 77 thousand teachers is under process. For the first time, work in this direction started after the formation of the government in 2005 under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. Nearly four lakh employed teachers were reinstated by the Education Department itself. The government is committed to giving them the status of government employees on the basis of competency test. At the same time, 43000 youth have been given employment by the Technical Services Commission till 2019-24.

The concept of women-centric development got strength

The concept of development is inclusive rather than linear. The concept of women-centric development has gained strength under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. For the first time, he not only made women economically independent but also empowered them by giving them 50% reservation under the Panchayati Raj Act 2005. Nitish Kumar has done great work towards empowering women by giving 33% reservation in state government jobs. Therefore, women are working efficiently in all the services of the state government. One positive result of this is that while the number of women in Bihar Police was 867 in the year 2005, now it has increased to 24,267.

Record number of women policemen in Bihar..

Bihar has the highest number of women policemen (22.67%) in any state. Nitish government is also committed towards making women entrepreneurs. ‘Women Entrepreneur Scheme’ is an important step in that direction. In this scheme, an increase of 260% has been recorded in the year 2022-23, which is indicative of a positive environment towards employment in the state.

Author: Dr. Kumar Varun Assistant Professor, AN College

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