Bilkis Bano case culprits get another blow from Supreme Court, will have to surrender by January 21

Supreme Court On Bilkis Bano Case : In the Bilkis Bano case, the accused have received another blow from the Supreme Court. The convicts had filed an application demanding four weeks to surrender, which the court has rejected while hearing it. The Supreme Court has asked all the accused to surrender by January 21. With this his extension application was rejected. While issuing the order, the court said that all four convicts should surrender under any circumstances by January 21. A bench led by Justice BV Nagarathna, hearing the plea, said the petitions lacked merit and ordered the people to report to the jail authorities by Sunday.

What was the plea of ​​the culprits?

Let it be known that the culprits of this case had made this application to the Supreme Court. Many petitions were filed which are as follows.

  • Convict Govindbhai Barber had told in the court that his father’s age is 88 years and mother’s age is 75 years. He is the only person who takes care of them so he should be given time.

  • At the same time, Ramesh Rupabhai Chandana had said that he had to arrange his son’s marriage, hence he needed time to surrender.

  • Another convict Mitesh Chimanlal Bhatt had said that his winter season crop was ready for harvesting and he wanted to complete the work before surrendering.

  • At the same time, Pradeep Ramanlal Modhiya had said that he has just undergone lung surgery due to which he needs rest to recover completely.

In such a situation, other culprits had also given their respective reasons, the court declared them baseless and rejected the application.

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