Bihar’s Maoists are making election boycott posters in Jharkhand, one arrested from Palamu

Daltenganj, Chandrashekhar: The police of Palamu district of Jharkhand have arrested a Maoist supporter with a banner of election boycott before the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Chhatarpur sub-divisional police officer Naushad Alam gave this information in a press conference on Wednesday (April 3).

Election boycott banner found with Maoist supporter

A banner has been found from a Maoist supporter in Pipra police station area of ​​Palamu district, which has been confiscated by the police. The arrested Maoist supporter has been sent to jail. Chhatarpur sub-divisional police officer Naushad Alam said that this action was taken on the basis of secret information received by Palamu SP Rishma Ramesan and the special branch.

Pankaj Prajapati of Banahi village had kept posters of Naxalites in his house.

He told that the SP had received information that Pankaj Prajapati of Banahi village of Pipra police station area, an active member of the Maoist Naxalite organization, had prepared a pro-Naxalite poster to boycott the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and kept it in his house to give it to the Maoist organization.

A red banner was found in a yellow bag, these things were written on it…

He told that along with Pipra police station in-charge Vimal Kumar, a raid was conducted at Pankaj Prajapati’s house in Banahi. A red colored cloth was found in a bag. Actually, it was a banner on which the Maoist organization had written an appeal to boycott the elections.

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An appeal was made to boycott the 18th Lok Sabha elections

It was written on the banner – The general public should boycott the 18th Lok Sabha elections. Establish a new democratic state of the people. If we want to establish our rights over water, forest and land, then the workers and farmers will have to create their own rule. A mobile phone with a key pad was also recovered along with 7 banners saying that if we want to create a corruption-free system, then we will demolish the existing corrupt system and form a government by the Revolutionary People’s Committee.

Posters were made on the instructions of Aurangabad Maoist Rajendra

He told that when accused Pankaj was interrogated regarding the banner, he gave many information. He told that he had made these banners at the behest of Maoist Rajendra Singh of Sori village of Mali police station in Aurangabad, Bihar. All the material was to be handed over to Maoist Rajendra Singh.

FIR registered in Pipra police station

SDPO Naushad Alam said that being a member of a banned extremist organization and making banners for the purpose of boycotting elections is a cognizable offence. Therefore, an FIR has been registered against the accused Pankaj Prajapati and Rajendra Singh in Pipra police station under the Representation of the People Act, 17 CLA Act, 13 UAP Act and other sections.

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7 banners made of red cloth found in a yellow bag

He told that 7 banners made of red cloth kept in a yellow bag and a feature phone of an I-tel company have been recovered from Pankaj.

Police officers involved in the operation

  • Chhatarpur SDPO Naushad Alam
  • Pipra police station in-charge Vimal Kumar
  • Manoj Rana
  • Jitendra Ram of District Force
  • Ravi Chaudhary
  • Satyendra Pal
  • IRB Havildar Umashankar Singh
  • Sanjesh Kumar Jha
  • Ramchandra Prasad
  • Rajkumar Singh
  • Rahul Kumar Yadav
  • Sanatan Kachhap

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