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Bihar’s agricultural system collapses due to unseasonal rains, damage to paddy kept in barn

Aurangabad/Kutumba. Nature’s cruel gaze and unseasonal rains have increased the worries of farmers. Here, there is a camp of clouds in the sky for two-three days. However, the weather remained completely clear on Wednesday but suddenly the sun became scorching. Experienced people were predicting that the weather was going to be bad. Earlier on Tuesday morning, the sky was overcast and there was a drizzle of rain. The inclement weather since Thursday has increased people’s problems. Drizzle and light rain started in the morning and continued till late evening. Suddenly the feeling of cold intensified in the district headquarters as well as in the entire district.

More damage to paddy kept in the barn

Here, farmers seem troubled due to unseasonal rains. The paddy harvested in their fields and kept for drying is getting spoiled. Due to sudden changes in weather during cold days, harvested crops are suffering more damage than standing crops. After all, what can farmers do? Farmers like Ramchandra Singh of Rampur, Shivnath Pandey of Rasalpur, Ramnaresh Singh of Suhi, Sanjay Singh of Bumru village, Bhim Singh of Bharwar, Vijay Singh of Rabhan Bigha, Bhagal Singh of Karhara, Pradeep Singh of Ora, Nandkishore Singh of Sonbarsa etc. say That during the rainy season, farmers were struggling with the scorching heat and humidity along with rainfall while planting paddy. It is raining at the time of harvest.

Do not let animals get wet due to rain

Unseasonal rain has disrupted not only the farmers but also the cattle herders. This type of weather is affecting the health of milch animals and their children. Veterinary doctor Chalant Dr. Shailendra Kumar said that during unseasonal rains, animals should not be tied in the open field under the sky. There is a possibility of getting cold, fever and pneumonia after getting wet in water. He told that in adverse weather, cattle herders need to take precautions regarding the feeding and maintenance of animals. To protect the animals from cold, put a sack of jute on their body. Give fresh water to drink. Feed by mixing wheat bran, cake and bran with green fodder. When the sun comes out of the clouds, keep the animals in the sun. He told that if the health of the animals is affected, they should contact the doctor of the nearest cattle hospital and get free treatment.

The weather will remain bad for two days, it will be cloudy

Meteorologist Dr. Anoop Kumar Choubey of Agricultural Science Center Siris said that the sky will remain cloudy for two days in various areas of the district. During this period, there is a possibility of rain ranging from one mm to five mm. He said that according to the weather forecast, the maximum temperature is likely to be 26.5 degrees Celsius on Friday, 26 degrees on Saturday, 29 degrees on Sunday, 29.5 degrees on Monday and 26.5 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the minimum temperature will also decrease. He told that farmers should wait for harvesting of paddy crop in such weather.


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