Bihar Weather: Weather will change, alert regarding storm and hail, know the update of your city…


Bihar Weather The weather has been pleasant for two days. People have got relief from the scorching heat due to strong wind and drizzle. The rain is expected to continue this week. According to the Meteorological Department (imd weather forecastFor the next four days, people will get relief from heat and heat. Hail is also likely to fall along with thunderstorms.

This can harm the common litchi. Here, it rained intermittently from late night till morning on Sunday. There was some damage to mango and litchi fruits due to strong wind. The U-turn of the weather can be gauged from the fact that the maximum temperature is 6.7 degrees below normal.

Maximum 29.5 and minimum 18.4 degree Celsius have been recorded on Monday. There is an effect of moist air from the Bay of Bengal. At the same time, the effect of Western Disturbance continues from Rajasthan to Bay of Bengal via Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand. Another trough is extending from Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim to Chhattisgarh via Bihar and Jharkhand. Because of this, there has been a sudden change in the weather.


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