Bihar Weather: There will be rain in Bihar, weather will change due to cyclonic system, read weather report..

Bihar Weather Report: There is a possibility that the weather of Bihar will take a turn once again. These days, there has definitely been relief from the harsh cold and due to the increase in temperature, the noise has also reduced. But chances of rain are more in February. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of more rain than normal this month. The weather of Bihar will also change due to this rain. The long term forecast of the Meteorological Department says that the average temperature of the state will be above normal. There are indications of the arrival of a new western disturbance. Due to which there is a possibility of partial change in the weather.

Weather forecast of Patna and surrounding areas..

There is a possibility of increase in temperature in Patna and surrounding areas (Patna Weather) after February 15. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Center, a cyclonic system is forming from February 3. Due to this, there may be light rain at some places between February 5 and 6. After the rain, there is a possibility of a drop in the minimum temperature once again. Then after that the temperature will gradually increase. At the same time, on Friday, the maximum temperature of the city was recorded at 26.3 degrees Celsius with an increase of three degrees. The minimum temperature was 12.2 degrees Celsius.

There is a possibility of rain in Gaya for three days

The snowfall in Uttarakhand may also affect South Bihar. According to the weather forecast, there is a possibility of rain from February 4 to February 6. Since Thursday, the weather patterns in Gaya and surrounding areas have changed. It is cloudy with dense fog at night. Light cold westerly wind is also blowing. Due to this Kankani remains intact. On Friday, the minimum temperature of Gaya was 9.6 degrees and the maximum temperature was 25.5 degrees Celsius. The humidity in the morning was 93 percent and the humidity in the evening was 53 percent. If it rains, Rabi crops along with potatoes and pulses may get damaged. Keeping in view the weather patterns, farmers have been alerted. Here, with the weather improving a bit, people have started feeling problems due to change and fog again. There was less movement of people in the market due to cloudy sky and light cold breeze blowing.

Cold wind blew in Bhagalpur during the day, effect of sunlight was less.

The weather of Bhagalpur district changed again on Friday. During the day, cold wind kept blowing from the north-west direction. Due to light mist the effect of sunlight was less. The cold increased as the evening approached. The cold wave continued during the night. The maximum temperature of the day was 24.5 degrees and the minimum temperature was nine degrees. The amount of moisture in the air was 93 percent. According to Dr. Sunil Kumar, Nodal Officer of Rural Agriculture Meteorological Service of BAU Sabour, cold will prevail in Bhagalpur from night till morning between 3rd to 7th February. There will be light fog in the morning, there will be sunshine during the day. Due to the effect of western disturbance, the sky may remain light cloudy. There is a possibility of light rain in the district after two days. During this period, there is a possibility of western wind, the average wind speed can be two to five kilometers per hour.

Light rain expected in North Bihar due to western disturbance

The weather forecast has been issued for February 3 to 7, 2024 in collaboration with the Rural Agriculture Meteorological Service Center of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Samastipur and the India Meteorological Department. There may be light clouds in the sky in the districts of North Bihar during the forecast period. Due to the effect of western disturbance, there is a possibility of light rain or drizzle at many places in North-West Bihar on 4-5 February. It may also affect some areas of the Terai and some places in the surrounding plains.

Temperature of Samastipur, forecast of weather department..

The maximum temperature of Samastipur is likely to be 20 to 23 degrees Celsius during the forecast period. While the minimum is expected to be between 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Westerly winds are expected to blow at an average speed of 3 to 5 km per hour during the forecast period. Relative humidity is likely to be 80 to 90 percent in the morning and 65 to 70 percent in the afternoon. The maximum temperature in Samastipur on Friday was 24.8 degrees Celsius, which was 1.9 degrees more than normal. At the same time, the minimum temperature was 9.6 degrees Celsius, which was 0.5 degrees Celsius less than normal.

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