Bihar Weather: Severe cold will remain in Bihar for five more days, mercury dropped to 7 degrees, know when the sun will shine.

Patna. The havoc of cold continues in Bihar. 18 districts including Patna are in the grip of cold wave. An alert of severe cold wave has been issued in these districts for the next five days. The Meteorological Department has issued an alert in Patna till January 23. The government and private schools of Bihar have also been closed till January 23 due to the biting cold. According to the Meteorological Department, cold air (jet stream) moving with full force from west to east in the atmosphere is coming towards the surface. Due to its effect, freezing cold was felt in the entire state on Sunday. Felt a tremendous cold wave. This was the reason why the minimum temperature in the state dropped by two to seven degrees. Cold day conditions prevailed in most places of the state.

Cold wave continues in these districts

On Sunday, the sun was visible only nominally for about 10-15 minutes after 3 pm. Cold day conditions were recorded in Patna, Purnia, Valmiki Nagar, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Supaul, Forbesganj, Motihari, Sheikhpura, Gopalganj, and Pusa etc. Severe cold has been recorded in the remaining places also. North Bihar felt colder on Sunday than South Bihar. More or less similar cold conditions can occur on Monday also. The Meteorological Department said that at present it is extremely cold in 18 districts including Patna, Gaya, Aurangabad, Bhagalpur, Nalanda, Munger, Khagaria, Banka, Lakhisarai, Jamui, Nawada, for which an alert has been issued. The weather department also said that this situation will continue for the next five days. At present, people are not going to get relief from cold and cold wave till 24th January.

Temperature dropped by up to 7 degrees

The sky of the state remained cloudy on Sunday. However, the fog remained weak due to this. On Sunday, the lowest minimum temperature in the state was recorded in Nawada at seven degrees Celsius. The highest maximum temperature recorded was 18.2 degrees Celsius. In many districts, the minimum temperature has dropped by up to 7 degrees. Banka is experiencing the maximum cold. Gaya district, which was the coldest on Saturday, recorded a minimum temperature of 4 degrees. Whereas in Jammu and Shimla a minimum temperature of 5 degrees was recorded. It can be said that Gaya was colder than Jammu and Shimla on Saturday. Today on Sunday, it is coldest in Banka district. The minimum temperature in Patna has been recorded at 8.4 degrees.

Severe cold will continue till 25th

Severe cold will continue across the state between January 22 and January 25. There is also a possibility of cold day conditions at some places in both the areas. There are chances of severe cold days in North Bihar compared to South. The flow of westerly and north-westerly winds will continue. Due to relatively less amount of moisture, this time the westerly flow is completely dry. That’s why Kankani is being felt more. Due to westerly flow, minimum temperature has also dropped by two to four degrees.

lowest maximum temperature

  • Valmikinagar- 11.5

  • Agwanpur-12.7

  • Pusa- 12.8

  • Motihari- 12.8

  • Supaul -13.1

  • Darbhanga- 13.2

  • Forbesganj- 13.4

  • Gopalganj-13.4

  • Patna-13.5

  • Purnia- 14

  • Vaishali-14

  • Kishanganj-14

After two days of sunshine, cold winds again attack

A day or two ago, there was strong sunlight in Patna, seeing which people also thought that now the day will be hot and the cold will reduce, but since the morning of 21st January i.e. Sunday, it has been extremely cold. Sun God has not even been seen on Sunday. This situation is not only in Patna but generally the same situation is seen in entire Bihar. According to the information received from Meteorological Center, Patna, there will be no change in the weather for the next three days. Cold wave and moderate level fog will persist.

there will be no less trouble

The flow of cold westerly wind continues in the capital and the chill also persists. Due to cold winds, people will not face any problem due to cold. However, there is no possibility of rain for the coming four days. Although there is no hope of sunshine, but in the coming three days it will be at 6.30 in the morning and at 5.26 in the evening. If we talk about the last 24 hours of the city, the maximum temperature recorded in the eastern region of the capital was 19.8. The temperature was recorded at 18.4 degrees in the western area of ​​Patna, 19.6 degrees near Patna Women’s College and 19.2 degrees in the rest of the capital areas.

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