Bihar Weather: Minimum mercury dropped in Patna, cold wind increased the cold in Gaya, know when it will rain in Bihar.

Patna. The minimum temperature dropped to four degrees due to rain, cloud and cold westerly wind the day before. Due to the blowing of cold westerly wind, the humidity has increased considerably and the cold with Kankani is also being felt a lot. Here in the weather forecast it has been said that from February 12, there is a possibility of rain with cloudy sky again. The cold will increase further due to rain around Saraswati Puja.

Sunny but still cold

As the weather opened on Wednesday, there was sunshine but due to the cold westerly wind that continued throughout the day, there was no respite from the cold. As the day progressed, Kankani started being felt a lot. People were seen burning bodies and baking them. Due to the cold westerly wind blowing, there was no activity in the market. The minimum temperature in Gaya on Wednesday was 10.5 degrees and the maximum temperature was 24.1 degrees Celsius. The humidity in the morning was 81 percent and the humidity in the evening was 35 percent. On Tuesday, the minimum temperature was 14.6 degrees and the maximum temperature was 24.2 degrees Celsius.

feeling cold due to strong westerly wind

Here, after the rain activity ended in Bhagalpur district, the speed of the westerly wind has increased. On Wednesday, there was a partial increase in coolness due to wind blowing throughout the day. The maximum temperature of the district was recorded at 23.5 degrees and the minimum temperature was nine degrees. Between February 8 and 12, Bhagalpur will remain cold from evening till morning. However, sunlight during the day will provide relief from cold. During this period, there may be light clouds in the sky from February 9. During this period, there is a possibility of western wind, the average wind speed can be 3 to 7 kilometers per hour. Dr. Sunil Kumar, Nodal Officer of Rural Agriculture Meteorological Service of BAU, said that the minimum temperature is likely to be around six to 11.5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is likely to be 22-26 degrees Celsius. Farmers should not spray crops of any kind in strong winds.

Day and night temperatures will fall in the next 24 hours

Here, the weather department’s forecast is showing that the cold has increased after the drizzle that started from Sunday. Due to the strong flow of westerly wind, people were seen wearing warm clothes in urban and rural areas. Moderate fog was seen in the sub-division area on Thursday. Dr. Vipul Kumar Mandal, scientist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, said that there is a possibility of decrease in day and night temperatures after the next 24 hours. He said that the maximum temperature on Thursday was 23 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was 11 degrees Celsius. During this period, westerly wind is likely to blow at a speed of 12 to 23 kilometers per hour. He said that the sky is likely to be clear and the weather dry on Thursday.

If it rains, crops will be damaged

Farmers are in trouble due to the possibility of rain. Along with Rabi crops, pulses and oilseed crops can also suffer significant damage. With the spread of blight disease in potatoes also, the possibility of drumstick flowers not producing pods is increasing due to the fall of drumstick flowers. However, agricultural scientists are also advising farmers to spray medicines on crops as a precautionary measure according to the weather forecast.

There will be ups and downs in the weather, take care of your health.

In the last one week, due to continuous fluctuations in weather and cold winds, people are once again falling prey to the disease. The number of such patients is continuously increasing from sub-divisional hospitals to private nursing homes. In this, patients suffering from chronic diseases are facing more problems. Everyone, whether children or old, is falling prey to cold and cough. Dr. Pankaj Kumar said that amidst the change in weather, even a little carelessness is costing people dearly. Therefore, do not be careless in this season. Wear warm clothes and avoid coming in contact with people suffering from seasonal diseases.

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