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Bihar Weather: Entry of heat wave, heat wave alert in Patna

Bihar Weather: Patna. Summer has now started showing its colors in Bihar. The mercury has already reached 40 degrees in many parts of the state. At the same time, heat wave conditions persist in many areas. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature is likely to increase further in most parts of Bihar in the coming days. The Meteorological Department has issued a heatwave alert in many districts including Bihar’s capital Patna. Apart from this, the maximum temperature of Vaishali in Bihar reached more than 40 degrees Celsius and it was the hottest city in the state.

Weather becomes hot in Purnia, heat will increase further

Here, with the increasing heat of elections in Purnia, the weather has also become hotter. Common people are not concerned with political heat, but they are finding it difficult to bear the hot weather. Now people have even started saying that when this is the situation in the month of Chait, then God is the master in Jeth. The situation is that the westerly wind speed is 20-30 km per hour in the afternoon. Although the westerly wind is providing relief from the heat in the morning and night, but as the day progresses, people start feeling heat wave. Meanwhile, the earth continued to heat like a hot pan since morning. The sun started showing bright colors from seven in the morning. It seemed as if fire started raining from the sky after 11 o’clock in the day.

Severe heat is expected in the next three months

In the month of Chaitra itself, Lord Bhaskar’s attitude is so harsh as if he is spitting fire. The entire Bihar is in the grip of extreme heat. The residents of the city have become distressed and worried due to the blow of hot wind. The dry north-westerly wind has already started showing its attitude. Due to this, the fear of heat wave is also getting strengthened. According to meteorologists, there is a possibility of severe heat in the next three months. Between this month and June, along with political heat, the mercury will also rise due to fire raining from the sky. There is also a possibility of heat wave this month.

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Demand for AC-cooler increases as heat increases

The rising heat has brought a boom in the markets of the city. Amid the changing weather, the demand for ACs and coolers has suddenly increased. However, people who had gone out to buy ACs and coolers are returning after hearing the prices in the market and buying fans. Many shopkeepers in the kiln market of the city told that new stock has not arrived yet but the old stock is also not less. Shopkeepers were expecting the heat to increase till June but suddenly the demand increased due to the increase in heat in the beginning of April. Everyone is suffering from the intense heat. This is the reason why the market of fans, ACs and coolers is also heating up.


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