Bihar Weather: Cold will increase in Bihar from December 22, mercury drops in 21 districts, big information from Meteorological Department..

Bihar Weather Report: Now the cold is likely to increase in Bihar. There are chances of a new western disturbance becoming active in the Himalayan region. Due to its effect, winter may become severe in the state from December 22. Actually, a new western disturbance is going to become active in the western Himalayan region. According to IMD, it is likely to affect the weather of the state. Here, there was bright sunshine in the entire state on Sunday. Due to this, the highest temperature in most parts of the state has been normal or above normal.

Meteorological Department report..

According to IMD meteorologists, there is a difference of 10 to 16 degrees Celsius between the maximum and minimum temperatures of the state. Due to this, shivering or shivering is being felt less in cold. The intensity of cold is felt only at night. At present, there is no situation in the cities and rural areas for lighting bonfires to escape the cold. However, a partial drop in the minimum temperature has been observed. According to the official information of IMD, minimum mercury has been recorded around 10 degrees or less in 21 districts of Bihar. The lowest minimum temperature recorded in Gaya on Sunday was 6.5 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the minimum temperature in Patna was recorded at 9.2 degrees Celsius, one degree below normal, and 11.3 degrees Celsius, three degrees below normal in Bhagalpur. The highest maximum temperature in the state has been recorded in Motihari at 26 degrees Celsius. Generally, there is more rain than usual in the state due to strong sunshine.

Patna’s temperature dropped, now cold will increase

Patna city temperature (Patna Weather) is gradually declining. After the minimum temperature remained around 10 degrees Celsius for the last three days, the minimum temperature of the city was recorded at 9.2 degrees Celsius on Sunday. According to the forecast issued by the Meteorological Center, the westerly wind will continue. In the next one or two days, a drop of two to three degrees Celsius may be recorded in the maximum and minimum temperatures. At present the weather is expected to be clear and there may be fog at some places in the morning and evening.

Temperature will remain low in Bhagalpur till 22nd December

There will be a decrease in temperature in Bhagalpur and surrounding areas between 18th and 22nd December. It will be sunny during the day. At the same time, there is no possibility of rain right now. On Sunday, the maximum temperature of the city was 25.0 degrees, while the minimum temperature was 6.8 degrees. Dr. Sunil Kumar, Nodal Officer of Rural Agriculture Meteorological Service of BAU Sabour, said that there may be light fog in the morning. The sky will be clear. There is a possibility of western wind blowing during this period. The average wind speed can be one to four kilometers per hour.

The mercury in Muzaffarpur reached 8 degrees.

In North Bihar too, the mood of the weather has started changing with the temperature falling day by day. Along with shivering in the morning and evening, hoarseness has also started. For the first time this season, the mercury has reached eight degrees in Muzaffarpur. According to the records of the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature recorded on Sunday was 24.2 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature was eight degrees Celsius, which was recorded 1.1 degrees less than normal. Due to falling minimum temperature the cold will increase further at night. Due to sunshine during the day, the day temperature is remaining normal, but according to meteorologists, the nights will become colder from next week.

Fog also knocked, take special care about health

Due to sunlight during the day, people are not feeling cold, but due to low temperature at night, the cold has started increasing. On the other hand the westerly wind continues to blow. At the same time, fog has also started increasing in the morning and late night, due to which the speed of vehicles has started slowing down. Drivers have started facing more problems while driving. With the increase in winter, family members have started coming home suffering from cold and cough. Doctors have suggested being cautious, especially with small children.

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