Bihar: Train delayed for 18 hours due to fog, passengers forced to tremble at the railway station, see pictures

Patna Station

People are facing problems due to fog. The train is running late. Many flights were also cancelled. Due to dense fog and bad weather, four pairs of flights to and from Patna were cancelled, while 14 pairs of flights arrived and departed late.

Patna Airport

The first flight to be canceled was IndiGo flight 6E2769 arriving from Delhi at 10:10 am. Indigo flight 6E2214 coming from Delhi at 5.45 pm was also cancelled. Indigo flight 6E6451 coming from Bengaluru was also cancelled. The last Indigo flight 6E2482 coming from Delhi also had to be canceled due to fog.

Patna Junction

Due to dense fog, flight operations were disrupted. Passengers had to wait for the train at the railway station.


Four planes did not arrive. For this reason their counter flight back from Patna was also cancelled.


Many planes were late by up to eight hours. Delhi flights have been most affected by the smog. Due to fog the train is arriving late by 18 hours. Tejas Rajdhani was delayed for 16 hours. At the same time, Sampoornakranti and Vikramshila arrived late by 5 to 18 hours.


Due to fog, the Rajdhani Express coming from Delhi to Patna on Sunday arrived 16 hours behind schedule. Due to this, the passengers traveling in the train had to face a lot of problems.


Even a day earlier this train was late by 15 hours 30 minutes. Similarly, Sampoornakranti 15 and Vikramshila Express arrived late by 18 hours. Apart from the premium train, almost all the trains coming to Patna are running late by hours.

Patna Station

In the same order, Shramjeevi Express was delayed by 04 hours, Farakka Express by 02 hours 36 minutes, Brahmaputra Mail by 08 hours, Purva Express by 16 hours, Bhagalpur Superfast by 04 hours 10 minutes, Anand Vihar Jaynagar by 16 hours 34 minutes, Islampur Hatia by 10 hours and Magadh Express by 12 hours. Reached Patna from.


Due to train delay, most of the passengers had to spend the night on the platform of the junction. This situation is being seen since last 10 days.

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