Bihar Tourism: Tourists are liking Rajgir and Bodhgaya, record 8.21 crore tourists came to Bihar in the last one year

in bihar tourists There has been a record increase in the number. A record 8.21 crore tourists have come to visit Bihar by December 2023. In which there are 8.15 crore domestic and 5.46 lakh foreign tourists. This is being revealed by the data released by the Tourism Department. According to the data released by the department, the maximum number of tourists in the month of 2023 reached 3.22 crore in the month of August. Let us tell you that only 2.54 crore tourists had reached Bihar in the year 2022. In which 86 thousand 829 tourists were foreigners.

Rajgir is the first choice of tourists

Rajgir has become the most favorite place for tourists in Bihar. Every second tourist visiting Bihar visits Rajgir in Nalanda district. According to the data released by the Tourism Department, about 3.3 crore tourists visited Rajgir in the year 2023. In which 3,32,00,304 domestic and 810,25 foreign tourists were included. From this you can easily imagine how much the tourists coming to Bihar like the beautiful valleys of Rajgir. An increase in the number of tourists was also recorded due to the Malmas fair in Rajgir.


The native of Rajgir liked Patna and the foreigner liked Bodhgaya.

Talking about domestic tourists, they liked Patna the most after Rajgir. After Rajgir, maximum number of 76 lakh 09 thousand 734 domestic tourists visited Patna. Gaya, Bodhgaya and Vaishali became the favorites of foreign tourists. By December 2023, 96 thousand 328 foreign tourists visited Gaya, 88 thousand 646 visited Vaishali, while 87 thousand 899 foreign tourists visited Bodh Gaya.

Buddha Smriti Park, Patna

Tourists like Bodh Gaya

The second favorite destination of tourists in Bihar is Bodh Gaya, where 20,48,808 tourists came in 2023. There is a huge gap between the tourists coming to Rajgir and Gaya, but if we talk about foreign tourists, then their favorite tourist places are Gaya and Bodh Gaya. Where 96,328 and 87,899 thousand foreign tourists came to visit respectively.


Tourists coming in the last five years

  • A total of 8.21 crore tourists came in the year 2023, of which 5.46 lakh foreign and 8.15 crore domestic tourists came.

  • A total of 2.54 crore tourists came in the year 2022, including 86 thousand foreign and 2.53 crore domestic tourists.

  • A total of 25.51 lakh tourists came in the year 2021, including 1,046 foreign and 25.02 lakh domestic tourists.

  • A total of 59.44 lakh tourists came in the year 2020, including 3.08 lakh foreign and 56.44 lakh domestic tourists.

  • A total of 3.49 crore tourists came in the year 2019, of which 10.93 lakh were foreign and 3.39 crore domestic tourists.

How many tourists reached which city?

  • Among the tourists who came to major tourist centres, 3.32 crore domestic tourists arrived in Rajgir, while 81,025 foreign tourists arrived.

  • 76.09 lakh domestic tourists, while 22,721 foreign tourists came to visit the capital Patna.

  • 19.60 lakh domestic and 87,899 foreign tourists came to Bodh Gaya.

  • 16.32 lakh domestic and 259 foreign tourists came to Muzaffarpur.

  • 14.16 lakh domestic and 62,855 foreign tourists came to Nalanda.

  • 10.37 lakh domestic and 96,328 foreign tourists arrived in Gaya.

  • 4.86 lakh domestic and 88,646 foreign tourists came to visit Vaishali.

  • 7.03 lakh domestic and 774 foreign citizens arrived in Banka.

  • 10.89 lakh domestic and 2744 foreign citizens arrived in Munger.

  • 87,332 domestic tourists arrived in Raxaul while the number of foreign nationals remained zero.

Tourists reaching Bihar during fairs

  • Many important fairs are also organized every year in Bihar. Like Sonpur Fair, Shravani Fair, Pitripaksha Fair etc. Even during this time, tourists from India and abroad reach Bihar.

  • From 27 November 2023 to 26 December 2023, 79,73,700 domestic tourists and 145 foreign citizens visited the Sonpur Fair.

  • 77,08,159 domestic and 36 foreign tourists reached the Shravani Fair between July 4, 2023 and August 31.

  • During the Pitru Paksha Fair to be held from October 1 to 14, 26,42,650 domestic and 41,092 foreign tourists reached Moksha Nagri Gaya.

  • The number of domestic tourists reaching Punpun during Pitru Paksha fair was 263725. At the same time, 41,551 foreign tourists also arrived.

How many tourists came in which month?

  • 19,67,659 tourists reached Bihar in January

  • 27,61,491 tourists reached Bihar in February

  • 32,46,227 tourists reached Bihar in March

  • 22,62,841 tourists reached Bihar in April

  • 18,99,844 tourists reached Bihar in May

  • 20,72,927 tourists reached Bihar in June

  • 1,18,99,525 tourists reached Bihar in July

  • 3,22,48,540 tourists reached Bihar in August

  • 24,75,026 tourists reached Bihar in September

  • 66,03,831 tourists reached Bihar in October

  • 42,86,098 tourists reached Bihar in November

  • 1,04,08,268 tourists reached Bihar in December

  • A total of 8,21,32,277 tourists reached Bihar in 2023

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