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Bihar: These ornaments made in Saran were once in demand across the country.

Prabhat Kiran Himanshu, Chhapra (Saran). There are more than three thousand such skilled people in Saran district. Whose hands are no longer useful. The artisans making gold jewelery of Chapra, who till yesterday had spread their glory not only at the local level but also in many states of the country due to their skills, are now on the margins. Their identity is now slowly disappearing. At the same time, their coming generation is also not showing interest in learning craftsmanship. Due to which now their skill is on the verge of extinction.

Was famous even in Rajasthan, UP, MP and Maharashtra

The goldsmiths who once spread the shine of jewelery in states like Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh etc. on the basis of their workmanship, are today forgetting their skills due to lack of basic facilities. After making Hall Marking mandatory, these artisans have neither been able to get a big market on a large scale nor are their craftsmanship getting proper price and respect. More than 3000 artisans of the district, who are struggling for livelihood, are hopeful that the jewelery made by them will get expansion in the local market as well as local branding of these jewelery will be done. But the rise of showroom culture and demand for designer jewelery has affected their employment.

Chhapra is famous for the workmanship of Bala, Bangle and Jhumka.

Old artisans of Chapra, Sanjay Prasad, Ashok Kumar, Ramesh Prasad, Ajit Soni etc. told that Sonarpatti of Chapra is famous for the workmanship of Bala, Bangle and Jhumka in entire Bihar. Once upon a time, gold traders and big landowners from different states of the country used to come to buy jewelery like Bala, Hasuli, Bangle, Bagari made by the artisans here. With time, big factories were built and people became more fond of fashionable jewelery than hand-craftsmanship. There are about 400 artisan shops in Chapra. In which three thousand artisans work. There is still demand for the jewelery made by them in different provinces of UP, Jharkhand and Bihar. But in the present times, the demand for jewelery made by these artisans has reduced in comparison to big brands. Due to which their livelihood has been affected.

Bihar: These ornaments made in Saran were once in demand across the country, today their identity is becoming extinct.

Registration and skill development of artisans is necessary

Sanjit Swarnakar, Secretary of Chhapra District Swarnakar Association, says that the local artisans lack capital. The artisans are not even registered with the government. In such a situation, due to lack of capital, they are unable to get their skills recognized. The jewelery made by them is sold in the market but there is no one to brand it and there is no arrangement to ensure that a fair price is available. Apart from this, there is no proper opportunity at the local level to develop the skills of these skilled people. If arrangements are made to hone their skills and provide them with adequate employment opportunities, the local market will prosper.

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Due to lack of opportunity the new generation is not learning craftsmanship.

Elderly artisans who have been doing the craft for the last three-four decades said that the younger generation is not ready to learn this skill. The children of artisans no longer want to learn this skill. The artisans told that earlier 10 to 12 youth used to learn in our shop and after learning, they used to go somewhere else and start their own business. But now there is a shortage of learners. Our children are also running away from this work. Children say that there is no scope in it now. If the government does not take strong initiative then this art of jewelery making will disappear after a few years. It is important to save it.


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