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Bihar: Should you marry your lover or your fiance? The girl got confused and the lover got beaten, know with whom she got married..

High voltage drama played out regarding a marriage in Banka district of Bihar. Two boys became contenders to marry a girl. The matter was related to love affair. Actually, the girl had been engaged and now people from both the houses were preparing for the wedding. But here, the girl’s lover was suffering in this separation. Now his girlfriend was moving away from him. After a few days, she was going to belong to someone else forever. The lover had cherished dreams of vermilion in his name in search of his girlfriend, but now vermilion in someone else’s name was about to be applied on his forehead. Meanwhile, the lover took a tough decision and went to the girlfriend’s fiance to request him not to marry that girl. The lover got beaten. Then the Panchayat sat and later some high voltage drama took place which left everyone stunned.

Lover reached girlfriend’s fiance’s house in Banka

This incident took place in Maratikar village of Panjwara police station area of ​​Banka district. Where a young man and a girl fell in love with each other. Both the lovers started taking the relationship forward by vowing to stay together for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile the lover got a big shock. The girl’s marriage was fixed by her family members somewhere else. The girlfriend’s family members fixed the marriage in a village in the Banka police station area. As soon as it became known that the girlfriend’s marriage was fixed, the boy, without telling anything to anyone, went to the girlfriend’s fiance and started requesting him that he loves this girl very much. Don’t marry this person. I will marry this girl.

Lover beaten up, Panchayat sitting..

When the girl’s boyfriend started doing this drama by going to the door of his girlfriend’s fiance, the villagers beat him up severely for this very thing. During this time, the boy expressed his love and narrated the entire story of his love to his fiancee and the villagers and also showed the audio video recording of the conversation between the lover and the girlfriend. The fiance informed this to the girl’s family. After which a panchayat of eminent people of the society was called. In which it was decided that the boyfriend and girlfriend should get married. Both the parties agreed to the decision of the Panchayat and Panchnama was prepared.

The girl is confused, whom to marry?

On the second day of the decision taken by the Panchayat Panchayat, the girl started talking about marrying her fiance. On the refusal of her fiance, the girl got married to her lover in the Banka court premises. After this the girl happily reached her lover’s house. After marriage, both their families created a high voltage drama. In the end it was decided that both of them would be formally married on Sunday. In which the lover will take a wedding procession from his house and bring his beloved as the bride.

When a girl forcibly got married in Bhagalpur, the boy went to jail.

Recently a case of love affair came to light in Bhagalpur, Bihar. A girl from a village in Sultanganj police station area reached the boy’s house and forcibly got married, but the boy refused to keep the girl. The girl reached the police station and requested the police to marry her. Seeing that the girl was a minor, the police refused to marry her. The girl reached the police station wearing vermilion on demand. When the police asked for proof of marrying the girl, the girl could not provide any proof to the police. The girl’s family applied to the police station accusing the boy of raping her. The boy told the police that the girl suddenly arrived at his house late at night. She filled her mouth with vermillion and said that she will marry you only. When the boy refused to marry her, the girl started asking him to implicate her in a false case and send her to jail.

The girl told the police that she was in a love affair with the boy for three years. The girl is a student of class ten. The police sent the boy to court to arrest him on charges of drinking alcohol. Police said that the girl talked about getting married, but has not yet given any proof of marriage. The girl is a minor. Marriage does not take place among minors. When the boy was interrogated, it was found that the boy had not married. The girl was sitting in the police station till late evening pleading with the police to let her live with the boy who was going to marry her. Police Station Head Priyaranjan said that the girl has filed a case of rape. The boy was drunk. Who has been arrested and sent to court. The boy will be brought on remand. The police is investigating the case.


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