Bihar: Sasaram judge’s mobile phone missing from Patna Junction, miscreants took the cab driver hostage and looted it.

Crime News: Incidents of theft and robbery have come to light in Bihar. Thieves have stolen the mobile phone of Sasaram Civil Judge Himshikha Mishra, who was waiting for the train at Patna Junction. In this regard, Himshikha Mishra, a resident of Bulandshahr, has registered a case at the railway station of Patna Junction. Himshikha was waiting for the train. A miscreant stole his mobile from near the food plaza on platform number one. After getting information about the incident, the police watched the CCTV footage of the food plaza. A suspect is visible in the footage. The police is investigating the matter. Also engaged in further action.

Jewelery worth Rs 1.5 lakh stolen from Howrah Amritsar

Thieves stole the bags of Pratapgarh resident Tribhuvan Nath Mishra and his wife, who were traveling in S-3 bogie of Howrah Amritsar. The bag contained 45 thousand cash and jewelery worth about Rs 1.50 lakh. A case has been registered in Patna Junction Railway Police Station. Whereas, Sumit Kumar took the train from Patna Junction to go from Patna to Saharsa. During this time some vicious person stole the mobile from his packet. The victim has registered a case with GRP.

Robbery by taking cab driver hostage

In Patna, criminals looted a cab driver by holding him hostage. The criminals beat up the driver, threw him out of the car and fled with the phone and cash. The incident is of 22 December. After the incident, with the help of local people, the victim reached Barhiya police station, from where he was sent to Fatuha. On reaching Fatuha, the police sent him to Barhiya. The police of Barhiya police station registered zero FIR and sent the victim to Kotwali police station. Meanwhile it took two days. Now, on the statement of cab driver Vidyakar Kumar, resident of Vaishali, Kotwali police registered a case against three unknown people and started investigation. The miscreants booked a cab from Dakbungla intersection and went to Fatuha. While returning there, they took the cab driver hostage and took him to Barhiya. On the way, miscreants beat up the driver. Looted his mobile phone, some cash and car. After this, he tied his hands and legs and threw them out of the car in Barhiya and fled with the car. Police is examining the CCTV footage of Dakbungalow intersection. Besides, the mobile phone number from which the cab was booked is also being investigated. At present that number is switched off.

Cash theft from doctor doing night duty in hospital

A case of cash theft of Dr. Tanveer Qamar, posted on night duty in a big hospital of Kankarbagh police station area of ​​Patna, has come to light. He told that he was on night duty. He kept his bag in the doctor duty room. Next day when his duty was over, he took the bag and left. When I reached home and checked the bag, Rs 5,000 cash had been stolen. Dr. Tanveer told the police that a junior doctor’s bag was kept near his bag, from which the miscreant stole the watch and other items. The doctor has registered a case in this regard.

The arrested accused gave information to the police

With the busting of inter-district cyber fraud gang in Muzaffarpur, the arrested accused have told many secrets to the police. During interrogation, three accused arrested from Chaturbhuj place area, Faizan Ali of Gaya, resident of Khijrasarai, Neemchak Bathani, Akash and Rajkumar of Mehndiya of Arwal told the police that the main leader of this gang is Neeraj Kumar, resident of Kapsiawan Hilsa of Nalanda and Patna. Is Sunil Kumar. Faizan Ali and Akash are students of MIT. Told that Neeraj Kumar and Sunil Kumar used to hire and provide fake passbooks, ATM cards, mobile numbers linked to the accounts and phones. Earlier all three used to withdraw money from ATM. After reaching the limit, they used to go to the CSP centers and make an excuse that some member of the family fell ill and got admitted to the hospital. After this, they used to take cash from the CSP operator by sending it on his scanner. The money was sent from here to the given address via bus. When the account was closed after repeated complaints, then they used to provide a new account.

CSP operator applied to cyber police

CSP operator Nilesh Kumar, resident of Saraiyaganj Tower, has applied to the cyber police. He told that he has a CSP center named Mangalmay at Saraiyaganj Tower itself. On September 16, he came to know that his HDFC account had been closed after a fraud complaint was filed from Cyber ​​Police Station Aurangabad, Maharashtra. It was told from the bank that on September 14, he had withdrawn Rs 30 thousand. For this reason no debit has been imposed on his account. When he shared this information in a WhatsApp group of CSP operators, many other operators told that such an incident had happened with them too. Everyone told that two boys come riding on a black bike. They tell that a member of the family is ill and needs money immediately, scans it, sends money and takes cash from them. This money is withdrawn by cyber fraud. Due to this, as soon as the complaint is made, no-debit is imposed on their account. When he shared the photo of those boys in the group, everyone confirmed it.

These operators have also been defrauded

These members of cyber fraud group have also withdrawn money from CSP Saurav I Cafe located at Lakshmi Chowk. A fraud of Rs 50 thousand was committed from CSP Deepak Internet Cafe located in Bairia on September 8. After this transaction his account is on hold. Withdrawal of Rs 18,500 was made from Arfa Internet CSP of Sakri Saraiya. After this his account got put on hold. All the money, amounting to about Rs 30 lakh, has been fraudulently withdrawn from the accounts of Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat.

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