Bihar: Rules ready to convert employed teachers into state employees! Know the information from examination to posting..

Bihar Teacher News: The education department is busy preparing to give the status of state employees to the employed teachers of Bihar. After the employed teachers are given the status of state employees, three options will be asked from them regarding their posting. The teacher will tell in which school of the district he wants to be posted. The education department will take three options from them regarding this. After this, these teachers will be posted on the basis of merit list. In fact, these days the final touch is being given to the rules to give the status of state employees to teachers. During this time, these things are coming to the fore.

Education Department prepared rules

According to the information, the Education Department has prepared rules for giving the status of state employees to about four lakh employed teachers. Efforts are underway to get the approval of the state cabinet on this manual. After the approval of the cabinet, it will be implemented in the state. It is expected that this rule will be approved in the next cabinet. After this, competency test of the employed teachers will be taken. Those who pass will be given the status of state employee. After this, these teachers will be posted in different schools as per requirement.

There is also a provision to remove the teacher from service.

A maximum of three chances will be given to pass the competency test. Teachers who fail even after this will be removed from service. According to the information, earlier the issue of not taking the competency test had also come up in the rules, but later that opinion was changed. It is noteworthy that Bihar School Special Teacher Rules, 2023 have been prepared to give the status of state employee. After getting the status of a state employee, he will be known as a distinguished teacher. A large number of teachers have suggested removing this specific word, but consent to remove this word has not yet been received.

CM Nitish Kumar announced

Let us tell you that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced that the employed teachers of the state will also be given the status of state employees. Preparations for this are also being done by the education department. For the first time, such a letter has also come out from the Education Department in which this has been mentioned. Additional Chief Secretary of the department, KK Pathak, in a letter sent to the district officials in a special context, has told that the employed teachers are also going to become state employees soon. In such a situation, it is expected from them that they go beyond their physical and physical presence and register their real presence in the school.

What is the demand of employed teachers?

It is noteworthy that now BPSC is conducting examination for the appointment of teachers in Bihar. This is the first time that teachers have been reinstated after conducting the examination by Bihar Public Service Commission. More than lakh teachers have been reinstated in Bihar. At the same time, the employed teachers have also demanded the status of state employees and have continuously warned of agitation. The government has set a condition for the employed teachers to pass an examination to give them the status of state employees, while the union of employed teachers demands that the employed teachers should get the status of state employees without any conditions. He has opposed the condition of passing this examination. Let us tell you that bringing the education system back on track in the schools of Bihar and the presence of teachers and students in the schools has been taken seriously. Several orders have been issued continuously for this by Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak. Additional Chief Secretary is also continuously inspecting schools. At the same time, newly appointed teachers have been deployed in schools in rural areas so that there is a change in the education system of schools in remote rural areas.

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