Bihar: Record broken in OPD of IGIMS, Patna

Bihar: Patna. The number of patients suffering from fever, headache and stomach ache is increasing rapidly. A record was set in IGIMS on Tuesday due to the influx of patients. As soon as the OPD opened, there was a huge crowd of patients. There was an atmosphere of chaos from the OPD registration counter to the OPD. A total of six thousand 980 patients came for treatment. It is being told that this was a record in the history of IGIMS. A day before this, six thousand 648 patients had come to IGIMS for treatment. Similarly, 1856 patients in PMCH and 4847 patients in Patna AIIMS got treatment in OPD on the second day also. At the same time, due to record crowd of patients in these hospitals, the situation went out of control. The security personnel had to work hard. Especially in PMCH, patients remained troubled due to the humidity in the premises due to intermittent power trips.

Treatment was done in OPD till 3 o’clock

Dr. Manish Mandal, Deputy Director of IGIMS, said that for the first time in his 25 years of service, such a number of patients have come to the OPD for treatment. Last week, due to holidays like Holi, Good Friday and Sunday etc., many patients did not come for treatment. Not only this, if the situation continues like this, then within the next one to two days, a meeting of all the department heads will have to be called and the number of patients will have to be limited, so that there is no problem in treating the patients, testing etc.

It took three hours to reach the medicine counter from OPD

Due to increasing crowd of patients, patients had to face problems from prescription counter to medicine counter. It took more than two to three hours for the patients who came in the morning to reach the medicine counter from the OPD. Many patients returned without treatment or bought medicines from outside. According to the treating doctors, health is being affected due to sudden increase in weather and rising temperature. The number of patients suffering from fever, headache and stomach ache has increased rapidly. Therefore, there is crowd gathering in PMCH, IGIMS, NMCH and AIIMS since last two days.

Two counters, long queues, sweating while taking medicine

Patients are facing a lot of difficulties in getting medicines at the free medicine counters of PMCH and IGIMS. In comparison to the number of patients in these hospitals, only two medicine counters have been opened. Where there is a long line. Due to less number of medicine counters, it is taking hours of time for patients and their families to take medicines. The security personnel are also just fulfilling their duties.

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What do experts say

Senior physician Dr. Bimal Rai said that due to change in weather, viruses become active, due to which two-three types of diseases increase, including viral ones. He said that if you are having fever and are not getting better even after taking paracetamol, then you should consult a doctor. Do not take anti-allergic medicine by yourself.

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