Bihar: Migrant laborers returning with problems, forced to enter the train with the help of window, see VIDEO

Train News: A huge crowd of people has gathered at different stations of Bihar. Passengers have to face a lot of problems. The condition of the train is such that there is no space even to put one’s feet. The pictures of the crowd have surprised everyone. There are many passengers who are entering the trains through the window. Their sole purpose is to enter the trains. Passengers are putting their lives at risk. Shocking pictures have emerged. On the other hand, in view of the crowd of people, many efforts are being made by the Railways also. Many special trains are being operated. Even before Chhath Puja, it was announced to run special trains. At the same time, operation of special trains has been announced even after Chhath Puja. But, even after this there is huge crowd at the stations.

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