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Bihar: Lumpi virus confirmed in animals, 10 thousand animals affected, know in which district the infection is more

Bihar News: The outbreak of Lumpi virus has increased in Bihar. Ten thousand animals are affected by this. Animal farmers are facing a lot of problems. Lumpy virus has been confirmed in many districts. At present, the infection in animals is not serious. Let us tell you that the test report from Bhopal Lab has confirmed Lumpi virus. Many animals are affected by the outbreak of Lumpi in the state. It is a matter of relief that this disease is not serious in animals. This is the reason why animals are recovering quickly. More than half a dozen cattle have died so far in the state. In view of the disease, the Animal and Fisheries Resources Department has asked veterinarians of all the districts to remain alert. Veterinarians have been alerted at the block as well as the district level.

It is important to protect cattle from diseases

This disease is spreading rapidly among animals. Therefore prevention from this is very important. One way to prevent the spread of Lumpy virus is to get your animals tested as soon as you see symptoms of this disease in animals. Along with this, you should separate other cattle from your infected cattle. This protects other animals. Along with this, some preventive measures should be taken to stop the spread of the disease. Information is also shared for this. People should keep taking advice from concerned authorities and veterinarians. Apart from this, you should also keep a close eye on your other animals and avoid consuming the milk of these animals during this time. It is unfortunate that there is no specific antiviral treatment for lumpy cow skin disease. To treat symptoms of lumpy virus, animals are given wound care sprays, pain relievers, and antibiotics.

People troubled by diseases due to change in weather

At the same time, it should be known that the danger of seasonal diseases is spreading rapidly among humans also. The number of dengue patients is increasing. Also, due to change in weather, cough, cold and viral patients have started increasing. Every day 300 to 400 patients are reaching the OPD of the government hospital. Every day around two hundred children are coming to the infant OPD for treatment. In this, more than 65 percent are suffering from viral infection. In such a situation, doctors are also advising prevention. Dr. CK Das of the Medicine Department says that these days the weather is changing rapidly. In such a situation, there is a need to be conscious about health. A little carelessness can take a toll on health. People are falling ill due to cold weather in the morning and evening. Doctors say that the immune system becomes weak in the changing weather. In such a situation, problems like cold, cough and fever are common. Pediatrician Dr. Chinmayi Sharma says that currently children are suffering from cough and fever more often. In such weather, special attention needs to be paid to food and lifestyle matters. Due to change in weather, it is common to have problems like phlegm, cold, fever, sore throat, cough, headache and fever etc. If you take some precautions, you can avoid getting caught by viral fever or cough and cold.

People who suffer from diseases like cold, flu, fever etc. often have a weak immune system. Those people should eat things that strengthen immunity. Especially vegetables like green vegetables, carrots, radish, tomatoes should be taken in large quantities because they contain antioxidant elements, which help in removing the elements accumulated in the body. Along with this, the secret of health is also hidden in fruits, which keeps the body fresh and protects the body from diseases.

possible avoidance with caution

At the same time, the cow is affected by Lambi disease. If cattle herders are alert in this viral disease in the beginning, the cattle get cured in time. Many cattle affected by this have recovered. As soon as viral outbreak is seen in cattle, consult the doctors at the local veterinary hospital and give medicine. Medicines related to this have been made available in the veterinary hospital. Guidelines regarding the vaccine can be received after the meeting to be held in Patna next week. With caution, prevention is possible.


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