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Bihar: Lives of 4 dozen passengers were trapped between two trains, major accident averted at Muzaffarpur Junction

Bihar Train News: In Bihar, after the Chhath festival, an influx of migrants returning from home and going to work are visible at major stations these days. Most of the trains going from Bihar are completely packed these days. As soon as the train reaches the station, a fight begins to get inside. Every train is being filled with far more passengers than its capacity. Meanwhile, a major accident was averted at Muzaffarpur Junction on Sunday. Risking their lives and crossing the track could have been costly for about four dozen passengers. His life was stuck between two trains. But somehow the untoward incident was avoided.

When life got stuck between two trains at Muzaffarpur Junction

On Sunday, more than 50 passengers stopped breathing in front of platform number 1 of Muzaffarpur Junction. Passengers were stuck in the space between two trains. This created chaos. It so happened that an announcement was being made about the arrival of Mithila Express on platform number-1. The entire platform was packed with passengers waiting to board the train. The train stopped at the platform and people gathered near the gate to board. There was an uncontrolled crowd at the gates of sleeper and general coaches. The gate got jammed due to the people boarding, due to which the passengers who had to get down were not able to get down. In this situation, elderly people and women along with small children got down on the middle track from the gate on the opposite side. A goods train was standing on the other line. More than half a dozen family members got stuck between two trains.

This is how the disaster was averted..

However, showing prudence, he stood in the empty space in the middle for about ten minutes. There were also bags of belongings with small children. In such a situation, people had to face a lot of difficulties in handling each other. After the platform of Mithila Express opened, the passengers stranded on the middle track heaved a sigh of relief. Later, GRP and RPF personnel pulled one passenger each from the railway track and made them sit on the platform. Female passenger Archana Devi told that due to crowd she had to get down on the track. They were stranded in the middle and the children started crying due to the loud noise of the train. Everyone was scared. There was a goods train behind, people could not even move.

Question on system, major accident averted

In recent times, a situation of chaos arises as soon as Mithila Express reaches the platform. Every day people have to push and push to board the coach. Many passengers and elderly people are unable to muster the courage to board the train just by looking at the situation. On Sunday too, a major accident was averted due to the same chaos. In such a situation, a big question has arisen regarding the safety and arrangements of the passengers.

There was a fight among themselves, many passengers got injured due to the fall

Some passengers got into a fight while trying to board the Mithila Express. Within a short time, a fight started with intense scuffles. Due to this, many other passengers were also not able to board the coach. Later, after the persuasion of RPF and GRP personnel, the matter was calmed down. During this time, many passengers fell on the platform and got injured. The situation was such that even after the train opened, people were running to board it.


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