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Bihar: Interactive smart board will be started in government schools, know how teachers will teach through it

Bihar News: In government schools of Bihar, children will be educated through interactive smart boards. It is going to be started in schools from the new session. This will benefit the children a lot. Interactive smart boards will be used in schools to increase the interest of students. To increase the interest of children studying in government schools and to connect them with the class room, an interactive smart board will be installed and through this, their education will be done. The purpose of installing interactive boards is to make students aware of the importance of multimedia and to understand the curriculum better. In its first phase, interactive boards will be installed in selected high schools of the district. Installation of interactive and white boards in schools will start from the new session.

‘Interactive board will encourage you to learn new things’

District Education Officer Amit Kumar has informed that the interactive board will encourage children to learn new things and it will make the class interesting. With the help of smart board, teachers can give detailed information about various topics to the students by writing or typing on the screen. According to District Education Officer Amit Kumar, white boards have been installed in most of the schools in the district. At the same time, from the new session, children will be taught on white boards in schools. By installing white board, there will be no chalk dust in the classroom and the class will look clean. There is a problem of dust in the class room due to teaching using chalk on the black board. Because of this, boys and girls may face difficulty in breathing. But, there is no such problem in white board.

White board maintenance is easy

The class will look beautiful and clean from the side of the child and the class teacher. This will be taken care of by both the child and the class teacher. In the new school buildings being constructed in the district, white boards will be installed instead of black boards. Another problem with the black board is that after it becomes old, students have difficulty in seeing the letters written on it. But, by using a sketch pen on the white board, it will be easier for the children sitting at the back of the class to recognize the written words. Besides this, maintenance of white board is also easier as compared to black board. All the block officers of the district have been given the responsibility of providing white boards as well as dusters and sketch pens to the schools. Many preparations are being made by the education department for the new session. In this series, interactive smart board will be launched and new steps are being taken for the education of children.

Changes in the methods of study over time

With time, the methods of study are also being changed. In this series, now interactive smart boards are being started in government schools of the state. In this, teachers will teach by writing along with typing. It has many types of facilities. Teachers can teach children through this using fingers and pen. It can also be connected to the internet and studies can be done with the help of online video and audio. In such a situation, children will find it easier to study. Besides, the lecture can also be recorded and kept safe. Students’ participation in class can be increased through interactive smart boards. Also, class lectures can also be saved for further use. It can also be shared with others.


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