Bihar: Grandmother-grandson murdered during robbery in Nalanda! Thieves brutally beat up the people of the house in Gopalganj

In Bihar, miscreants have created a lot of havoc. During the incidents of theft and loot in Gopalganj and Nalanda, the criminals thrashed the people of the house fiercely. A 62-year-old woman and her six-year-old grandson were even killed in Nalanda. Villagers have claimed to have been murdered during the robbery. At the same time, the police is engaged in the investigation of the case.

Thieves entered Gopalganj’s house

Thieves entered a house at Hasanpur village in Sidhwalia police station area of ​​Gopalganj at night. At the same time, when the people present inside the house came to know about it, they started opposing the thieves. During this, the miscreants turned violent and brutally beat up four people including a woman of the house for opposing the theft. He was seriously injured after being beaten up by the thieves. It is said that Kedar Thakur of Hasanpur village was sleeping with his entire family at his house on Monday night. During this, some unknown thieves started trying to steal in the house.

When the people of the house got a clue, they were beaten fiercely.

Kedar Thakur and his family members woke up on hearing the sound of theft. When they opposed the theft, the thieves attacked with rods and sticks and injured Kedar Thakur, Puneet Thakur, Anarkali Devi and Rinki Devi. All the injured were taken to Sidhwalia Community Health Center for treatment. After giving first aid there, all the injured were referred to Sadar Hospital. The local police have registered a case against unknown thieves and started investigating the incident.

Grandmother’s grandson strangulated to death in Nalanda

At the same time, one such incident has happened in Nalanda. Where a 62-year-old woman and her six-year-old grandson were murdered in broad daylight in Karanvigaha village of Parwalpur police station area. Villagers told that Anjani Patel, a resident of Karanvigaha village, had gone to Bihar Sharif at nine in the morning to open his medicine shop as usual. His wife had also gone to her home. According to the villagers, there has also been an incident of looting. The bodies of both were lying on the bed. People told that both were strangled to death. On information, the police team reached the spot. Police said that the investigation of the case is still going on. Something can be said only after investigation.

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