Bigg Boss 17: This actress of Anupama will enter Bigg Boss 17! This couple will be separated in elimination

Bigg Boss 17: Reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ has taken a new turn. The makers are trying to make it as exciting as possible, so that it can attract the attention of the audience. Recently there was a fierce fight between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. Everything is not going well between the two. On the other hand, the love story of Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel is also being liked by the audience. Meanwhile, there are reports on social media that 5 contestants will be eliminated from ‘Bigg Boss 17’ together. At the same time, it is also being said that there will be wildcard entries in it. Anupama’s actress Rakhi Dave i.e. Tasneem Nerurkar is going to come in it as a wildcard. Let us tell you that till now Manasvi Magmai and Sonia Bansal have been eliminated from the show.

This actress of Anupama will enter ‘Bigg Boss 17’!

‘Bigg Boss 17’ currently features Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Jigna Vora, Sana Raees Khan, Anurag Doval, Rinku Dhawan, Vicky Jain, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, Abhishek Kumar, Samarth Jurel, Mannara Chopra, Munawar Faruqui and Isha Malviya. . According to a report in Pinkvilla, “Bigg Boss 17 has suggested a surprise exit of five contestants next week. According to other reports, Adhyayan Suman, Poonam Pandey, etc. will enter the Bigg Boss house as wildcards.” Tasneem Nerurkar, Flora Saini, Bhavin Bhanushali and Bangladeshi cricketer Jahanara Alam will be entering. It is also being said that Lock Up fame Poonam Pandey will also reportedly enter as a wild card.

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Will these stars take wildcard entry in Bigg Boss 17?

According to a report in Telechakkar, Adil Durani, Rakhi Sawant, Raghav Sharma have been approached to enter Bigg Boss 17 as wildcard contestants. Let us tell you that till now Rakhi has been seen in Bigg Boss 14 and Bigg Boss 15. Meanwhile, according to reports, Neil Bhatt is likely to be in danger due to his less contribution in the show. In the latest promo, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to name three people, out of which some take the name of Neil. Let us tell you that if Neel leaves then Aishwarya Sharma will be left alone in the show. The pair of two swans will break up. However, no one’s name has been approved by the makers yet.

Did Rakhi Dave leave Anupama?

At the same time, Anupama fame Rakhi Dave is no longer seen in the serial. Tasneem Nerurkar had said on the news of leaving Anupama, initially my role was strong and I played the character of a vamp in the show. I am happy that the production house chose me for this role. I understand that your track cannot be in focus every day in the show. I haven’t had any important work in the show for a few months. She will continue to work in Anupama. Besides, she still has time so she wants to do some other projects also. The actress said that the creative team of the show has no problem with this. Talking about Tasneem’s personal life, she is married to Sameer Nerurkar. Her husband is in the merchant navy. Apart from Anupama, the actress has worked in shows like serial ‘Kusum’, ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’.

Why did Ankita Lokhande not go to Sushant Singh Rajput’s funeral?

Ankita Lokhande talked about Sushant Singh Rajput in Bigg Boss 17. She said, I could not go to his funeral. Regarding this she said, I could not go. I thought I couldn’t see this. Vicky said, you go and come. I had never experienced that in my life. She becomes very emotional while telling all this. However Munnavar takes care of him again. At the same time, in Bigg Boss 17 itself, Ankita had talked about her breakup with Sushant. He had said, “He disappeared overnight. When he was getting success, people were listening to him. When Munavvar asked her about the reason for her breakup with Sushant Singh Rajput, Ankita said, ‘I was not involved in it, yet I stood up because I wanted people to know who he was. Where were the people when my breakup was going on? How did I spend that phase alone? There was no reason for the breakup and I was completely blank. I couldn’t understand how things changed in my life overnight.

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