Bhavana Jha’s Maithili poems ‘Nimarsekha’ and ‘Manorogi’

Bhavana Jha’s Maithili poems ‘Nimarsekha’ and ‘Manorogi’ have been published in the Diwali special issue of BollywoodWallah this time. You can also read both these poems here…


hoybak ta chlay j ankabarikeen

Who needs maintenance?

Bisrah bhar jebame guna jen

After all, the nifikir bhar nimahab should be extinguished easily.

The world goes without memory, the words that make me forget,

Heart goes with confidence, hands on back.

Anchokke meta del jaate chai ekke dithime

Thoughtful scene day before yesterday Lover’s gathering of colors

Keep watching the sky, brother.

Don’t be afraid to dig a hole or dig a hole.

The profile image changes in an instant

J doesn’t seem unexpected

It is said that information is a revolutionary age.

There are thousands of options available just for Anguri Tipalas!

Delete button keyboard

Chakbidor Lagi Jait Chai Nahi Jain

Do not be afraid to see the weakness of the innocent heart.

There was panic, why did you delay?

Password Lock

Aa ki meta diya sabhata

I have turned the tables and what words are there in my arms?

Come here so that I can lie down and drink a berry.

Whatever remaining souvenirs were auctioned off by Gayle.


I want to see you here

Our eyes are beautiful

Looking at the amazing scene, we suddenly started crying.

Come, think about our vision, it is good.

Bloody Bhel Deh

okar chirping voice adhiratiyame

Aa vikal bhar jaate ok

The soul comes and the sound of its movement applies to the entire body.

This woman is a wonderful gift.

Kahal Gayle is a victim of color blindness

Or what are the reasons for this dissatisfaction?

No, in such a beautiful place

Barfsan Jhampal Ujjar Pahadsan Dhadhra Pajrait

Kekara is visible

What questions should one face in a clean environment?

Where are you raised?

It’s a good nature to fight back

Which psychiatrist should one consult?

What are the reasons why there is no fear of travelling?

We keep wondering whether we are psychopaths or not?

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