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Bengal gang active at Patna Junction, making luggage of passengers disappear, picking up pockets and purses even inside the train

Bihar Crime News: While a large number of people are returning to their homes during the festival, thieves have also become active amidst the crowd of people. In crowded places they are targeting people’s purses, jewellery, mobiles etc. The miscreants are also running away after snatching the mobile phone. Four members of the West Bengal gang who made mobile phones and other items disappear at Patna Junction have also been arrested.

Train opened from Patna Junction and jewelery and mobile phone worth lakhs stolen from purse

The train opened from Patna Junction and thieves stole jewelery and mobile phone worth lakhs from the hand purse of Nusrat Praveen, wife of Mohd Amin, resident of Sultanganj Mahendru. Mohammad Amin was going to Asansol by train from Patna Junction with his wife and child. When the train reached Patna city, Mohd. Amanin’s wife found the purse open and when she checked, the mobile phone, gold earring, gold necklace and earrings kept in it were missing. The price of jewelery is more than three lakh rupees. After this, when the train reached Bakhtiyarpur, they got down and reached Patna Junction. After this, a case has been registered against unknown thieves at Patna Junction. The police is investigating the case.

Four members of West Bengal gang involved in making goods disappear at Patna Junction arrested

People from Mumbai and Delhi are coming to Patna for Diwali and Chhath festival. During this period, gangs that make mobile phones and other items disappear are also active. However, the Railway Police team is also continuously patrolling the platform and checking the trains. During this, the Railway Police caught four suspects and a mobile phone and a blade wrapped in paper were recovered from them. They could not present all the documents of the mobile and then everyone was arrested. All of them are from West Bengal and carry out incidents of pickpocketing and theft at Patna Junction and other places. The arrested criminals include Salim, Mughal Hardhar, Satyam Das and Mani Khatwal, residents of South Pargana, West Bengal. The age of all of them is around 35 to 40 years. These gangs are active on trains and platforms from West Bengal to Patna Junction and get away with carrying out any kind of incident.

The miscreants ran away with the mobile phone.

The miscreants riding a bike snatched the mobile phone from Kadamkuan resident Rahul Chaubey and ran away. This incident happened to him near the children’s park of Gandhi Maidan police station. In this regard, Rahul Choubey has filed a case in Gandhi Maidan police station.

Three criminals arrested with stolen mobile and mangalsutra

Police GRP has arrested three miscreants from platform number 10 of Patna Junction. According to the information, Railway Police was running an intensive investigation campaign. Meanwhile, three vicious people sitting on the platform started running away after seeing the police. All three were chased and caught. During checking, gold mangalsutra and stolen mobile were recovered from the miscreants. The arrested accused include Tunni Singh of Khusrupur, Prince Kumar of Malsalami, Rahul Pathak of Buxar.

The miscreants ran away after snatching the mobile phone from the female bank employee.

Bike riding miscreants snatched the mobile phone from bank employee and resident of Jagdev Path, Patna, Anni Kumari and ran away. Anni was going by air from her bank office on Fraser Road to her home on Jagdev Path. As soon as Hawa-Hawai went from Punaichak Temple to the lane leading to Jagdev Path, two miscreants riding a bike arrived from behind and snatched away the mobile phone in her hand. After this, both of them immediately managed to escape on the bike. In this regard, Anni has filed a case in the Secretariat police station.

The miscreant ran away with the mobile phone from the ATM

North Patel Nagar resident and advocate Pankaj Kumar had gone to the Boring Canal Road Central Bank of India ATM to withdraw money. During this, he kept the mobile next to the ATM machine. Meanwhile, a young man arrived and ran away with his mobile phone. In this regard, the advocate has registered a case in Shri Krishnapuri police station.

One lakh rupees went missing after picking pockets in the auto

The miscreants made one lakh rupees disappear after picking the pocket of Rajeev Ranjan, a resident of Karja, Muzaffarpur, Patna. He got down from Howrah train at Rajendra Nagar Terminal and then took an auto to go to his close friend’s house. During this time, the miscreants already in the auto picked his pocket and took out one lakh rupees. In this regard, Rajeev Ranjan has filed a case in Patrakar Nagar police station.


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