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Below average rainfall is a sign of danger, now monsoon farming has to be overtaken

Shaun Chakraborty, Agricultural Meteorologist: Due to the average rainfall during the last 10 years, work has been done in the field of agriculture as expected. During that time, the use of new technology in the field of agriculture had also started, alternative farming including paddy cultivation by SRI method, the use of hybrid seeds was greatly encouraged and the yield increased. During the last 10 years, many works were done in the field of horticulture college and horticulture, including the establishment of Agriculture College, expansion of Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Deoghar, but farmers could not get technical information according to their needs during that time. Now the state and central government have come up with many schemes to promote technical farming among the farmers, which will prove to be very effective in increasing the income of the farmers in the next 10 years.

Making the land fertile in a plateau area like Santal Pargana is a challenging task. The soil of Santal Pargana is acidic. There is a great need to increase the fertility of this soil, for which only technical farming will be effective. Farmers must check the soil of their fields before cultivating any crops. Soil Testing Center is operated in Deoghar block along with Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Deoghar. After testing and treating the soil, if the farmer treats the seeds and sows them, then the yield will be very good. In the last 10 years, the government has prepared many technical teams in the agriculture department.

From block to district headquarters, technical teams are working in the office. Helpline numbers have also been issued for farmers, so that farmers can take technical information and do farming. Many agricultural machines are being given to the farmers on subsidy from the Agriculture Department and the Land Conservation Office, so that the farmers can do their farming at a low cost. It is very important to give technical information to women in the field of agriculture, so that they can get their income according to the hard work of women farmers.

Cultivation of coarse grains beneficial in the absence of rain

The biggest problem in Santal Pargana is the much less rainfall than the average. Due to lack of regular rains, agriculture is being greatly affected. For this, farmers will have to prepare from now itself, they will have to do technically alternative farming according to less than average rainfall, only then farmers will be able to face this challenge. In the last few years, weather-based agriculture has also worked to give a new direction in the agriculture sector, in which weather scientists provide information related to weather forecast to the farmer brothers through summer agricultural weather service scheme, but the biggest concern is that Santal Pargana In the last three-four years, there has been less rainfall than the average, which has directly affected the crops of Kharif season. The bad effect of climate change is being seen all over the world and climate change has a lot of impact in Santhal Pargana as well.

In the next 10 years, there is full possibility of cultivation of coarse cereals like Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Madua in the agriculture sector. On the lines of Israel, techniques of farming will have to be used even in less water. Many provisions have been made for drop-drop irrigation under the PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana from the Government of India, so that adequate irrigation can be done with less water. Farmers in Santal Pargana also need to be encouraged for this, along with the rest of the crop, coarse grains should also be cultivated, because the nutritional quality of coarse grains is very high. It gives good yield even in less rainfall.

Cultivate after treating the seeds, the chances of loss are less

Farmers must do seed treatment to cultivate any crops. For this, information can be obtained from the technical team of the concerned Agriculture Department. Farmers will not be harmed by treating the middle ground. Seed treatment reduces the chances of getting diseases in the crops. Regular spraying should also be done compulsorily on all the crops. Farmers should make maximum use of organic fertilizers along with technical farming. Due to this, the productive power of the soil remains intact for a long time. There are immense possibilities of cultivation of oilseeds and pulses in the soil of Santal Pargana, from which farmers can earn maximum profits.

Rain water harvesting is a great option

Due to the plateau of Santal Pargana, the problem of irrigation is big here. Irrigation resources are not sufficient. The government is working on many irrigation projects, but in the meanwhile farmers also need to be aware of rain water harvesting. Due to the plateau area of ​​Santal Pargana, the rain water flows with the help of the river. The biggest challenge is to stop this rain water. For this, along with the schemes of the government, the farmers also need to be fully aware. Apart from Agriculture Department, Land Conservation Irrigation Department, many schemes of rain water harvesting are also going on from MNREGA. Many water harvesting schemes including trench cutting from MNREGA are going on. Farmers must be aware of these schemes to stop water in their fields, only then there will be moisture in the soil and farming can be done according to the season.


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