Basant Panchami: Know why Rituraj is called spring, worship of Mother Saraswati is most special

Basant Panchami: Today is Vasant Panchami. Nature is also singing the song of spring on the change of season. The earth is jubilant. Nature is singing the song of Nav Pallava through trees, plants and birds. Everyone is standing together to welcome spring. Spring means the great Kumbh of excitement, enthusiasm, faith, new energy and creation of new life.

Rituraj is called spring

This season is of cold, heat and normal temperature. That’s why people like this season. This season is called Rituraj. Spring is considered the king of all seasons. Because everything is good in this season. Nature remains happy. At the same time the human body also remains healthy. This month is a very favorite season for students, teachers, nature lovers, designers and poets.

blooming time of flowers and leaves

After the autumn season, spring is the time of blooming of flowers and leaves in the stunted trees and plants, in which bumblebees and bees come to find their source of life. This is the reason why spring has been called the decoration of the season and the king of the seasons. Description of spring is found in poetic texts, scriptures and Puranas. This season is also considered very good from the health point of view. Along with humans, a new consciousness is infused in animals and birds. In spring, other important festivals like Saraswati Puja, Shivratri, Holi, Gangaur, Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavmi, Good Friday and Easter are also celebrated.

Punjabi concept trend in Indian wear culture

Punjabi concept is trending in Indian wear culture this spring season. The look is being made stylish with Parandi. Apart from drape saree, Mumtaz saree, fish cut saree, the designing of suits has also changed. Drape saree and strap saree: Indo Western trend is in full swing. Anarkali suits will also be very popular this season. The trend of wearing strap saree with jeans is being followed more by college age girls. There is a fashion for combination dresses in party wear. Whereas card sets and regular wear will work well.

The season of good fortune is full of festivals

Acharya Bal Mukund Pandey says that Vasant is the name of Anand. In this weather Vasant PanchamiFestivals like Shivratri and Holi come. This festival is a season of good fortune full of festivals. Whereas marriage in spring is considered very auspicious. Marriage is prohibited in Chaitra. Therefore, spring season is very much liked among the people due to its importance.

Time for creativity for designers

Fashion designer Srishti Singh says that fashion designers offer new collections of their best designing in this season. Spring season is very special for them. This season designers play with colors in their fashion wear. In the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week, designers will launch the concept of multi colors keeping in mind the weather.

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