Bareilly: SP embroiled in a war with its own, district president-former MLA face to face for selling tickets in civic elections

Bareilly: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is busy preparing for Mission 80 for the Lok Sabha elections. For this, programs are being organized by the party organization. On the other hand, claims of similar preparations are being made by the Samajwadi Party as well. However, in Bareilly, the SP has to compete with its own people instead of the BJP. Here, the matter of allegations of selling tickets in the municipal elections is not settling down.

Accused of selling tickets for Rs 35 lakh

Former Samajwadi Party MLA Sultan Baig has accused the organization of selling tickets for up to Rs 35 lakh. However, the organization has denied the allegations of the former MLA from the candidates contesting the body elections. Both the candidates have accused the former MLA of lying. Despite this, the matter has not calmed down. It is discussed all over Bareilly.

Athar Hussain, who contested for the post of chairman from Nagar Panchayat Shahi, says that he has been wrongly accused by the former MLA. He will claim defamation on the former MLA. Athar Hussain alleges that former MLA Sultan Baig had asked for money to lobby for his ticket, which he could not give. Because of this, Athar Hussain did not follow him.

The candidates denied the allegations and argued

Athar Hussain claims that after this he met National President Akhilesh Yadav and kept his point. After this the party made him its candidate. His mother was the chairman last time. Athar Hussain has now said to complain to the National President about spreading lies of former MLA Sultan Bagh.

Along with this, Babu Ansari, husband of Sabina Ansari, former chairman of Shergarh Nagar Panchayat, also accused the former MLA of lying. He said that his wife Samina Ansari had contested the election. Has been the chairman twice. I got the ticket from Lucknow. He also talked about opposing the former MLA in the election and fielding another. Babu Ansari has also talked about complaining in the matter. Apart from this, the District President has also made many allegations against him. On the other hand, former MLA Sultan Baig says that no thief calls himself a thief.

this is the case

There is opposition to the organization in Bareilly SP for a long time. In every meeting someone or the other has a grudge. But, two days ago, former SP MLA Sultan Baig had accused of giving the ticket of Nagar Panchayat President for up to Rs 35 lakh.

He said that he was the chairman of SP in Nagar Panchayat Shahi for 9 times. But, suddenly his ticket was cut. He didn’t give ticket to the person whom he had given in writing. SP gave ticket to the son of late former chairman of BSP. Here SP came at number five. However, SP candidate Athar Hussain lost by just 192 votes.

Got defeated here too

In Nagar Panchayat Fatehganj West also, SP gave ticket to a new person. He could not get 350 votes. Sultan Baig, a three-time former MLA from Mirganj assembly, told many things regarding ticket distribution in the civic elections. But, meanwhile, District President Shiv Charan Kashyap stood up. He said that MLA Shahjil Islam had got ticket from the national president. On this former MLA Sultan Baig said that Rs 35 lakh was taken.

Angered by this, District President Bole alleged that former MLA Sultan Baig did not get his share, hence he is making allegations. The District President asked the former MLA to sit down in a strict tone, saying the decision of the National President to spin the issue of ticket distribution. This led to an argument for a long time.

Supporters of both started raising slogans. This uproar went on for a long time. With great difficulty, District General Secretary Sanjeev Yadav, former MLA Vijay Pal Singh, former District Vice President Arvind Yadav etc. pacified both of them. After this, the supporters who created ruckus were pacified. But, after this there was chaos in the meeting.

Discord on operation in every meeting

There is discord in the meetings of SP regarding the conduct of the meetings. The relationship between the District President and the General Secretary is not good. That’s why the operation is done every time by other officials. There is an argument about this too. Even in the monthly meeting, it has come to light that instead of District General Secretary Sanjeev Yadav, the District President should be operated by Metropolitan General Secretary Deepka Sharma.

The party is losing every election due to factionalism.

There is factionalism in Bareilly SP for a long time. From assembly elections, district panchayat elections, MLC to municipal elections, the party has got a crushing defeat. SP lost the seat of Bahedi Municipality in the civic elections. Along with this, many Nagar Panchayats have also been defeated. In Bareilly Municipal Corporation, the mayor candidate has suffered a worse defeat than before. Along with this, last time more than 24 councilors had won, while this time the number has come down to 12 only.

Complaint of selling tickets till SP high command

Allegations of giving tickets to Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayat and councilors for taking money in civic elections have been going on for a long time. An audio of councilors taking money in the name of tickets in Bareilly also went viral. Along with this, there is an uproar in every meeting regarding ticket by taking money. Angry with the distribution of tickets, many old people of the party have also left the party. Some people have also complained to SP chief Akhilesh Yadav in this matter.

Old leaders stopped coming to the meeting

There is factionalism in Bareilly for a long time. Because of this there is no discipline in the party. There is an argument in every meeting. The old leader of the party says that the senior leaders of the party used to get respect. But, now the people of the organization do not give respect to anyone. That’s why the prominent leaders of the party have stopped attending the meeting to save their honour. The party chief should disband the Bareilly organization. Only after this the condition of the party will be able to improve.

Appeal to the SP chief on social media to save the party

The condition of the party in Bareilly is very bad. Regarding this, the old leaders of the party had talked to SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and advised to disband the organization. But, now on social media SP is pleading with the party president to save the party. He has written whether the party is unclaimed in Bareilly. Along with this, many users have written different things. The video of SP’s monthly meeting is also going viral on social media. This video has also been sent to SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and state president Naresh Uttam Patel. In this, there is a lot of tussle between the former MLA and the District President.

Report- Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly

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