Attention Those who sit at home after taking bank loans are no longer well, this big action is going to happen

In Bihar, it is not good for those who sit at home after taking loan or government money. A list of such defaulters will be made. In order to speed up the execution of the auction, the office bearers of the auction papers have been asked to make strict recovery. The District Auction Officer has asked all auction officials to prepare a list of 20 big defaulters. The list of defaulters is to be given in decreasing order on the basis of value amount. Actually, the Divisional Commissioner is about to review it. In the last meeting, it was asked to clamp down on big defaulters in the departments of mining, electricity etc.

Defaulters will have maximum two hearings

Let us inform that there are a large number of loan holders in Bihar who are not paying after taking loan from the bank. With this, the bank is now going to take strict steps for recovery. After a maximum of two hearings, the defaulters were asked to issue notices in Section 7. After this the warrant was to be issued while sending a warning. 15 days time was to be given in the notice, in which the party would come and register its objection. Finally, after the expiry of the time, the dues are recovered by auctioning the immovable property of the defaulters.

this instruction was given

Every month defaulters above one lakh have to be identified and recovered immediately. It will be reviewed every month. Providing its list, it has been asked to upload it on the portal. It is the responsibility of issuing notices, conducting hearings and ensuring recovery while conducting week-wise promises through all auction paper officers. The senior officials were asked to coordinate with the concerned banks and take concrete action in the execution of the pending auction papers.

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