Astrotalk promises to give Rs 100 crore in honor of Indian team, opens treasury for users

india vs australia

India’s third ICC ODI world cup The dream of winning has been shattered. On Sunday, the Australian team defeated India by 6 wickets in the final match and again inflicted the wound which it had given to the cricket fans 20 years ago. Team India, under the leadership of Rohit Sharma, had to be content with becoming the runner-up. As the winner, Australia got prize money of about Rs 33 crore, while India got only Rs 16 crore.

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Astrotalk opens treasury for users in honor of Indian team

Even though the Indian team could not win the World Cup for the third time, but impressed by India’s excellent performance, Astrotalk has opened a treasure trove for its users. AstroTalk CEO Punit Gupta announced to give Rs 100 crore to its users. Earlier he had promised to do this after India’s World Cup victory, but he made a big change in his plan out of respect for India. He gave this information through his social media account. He wrote on X, even if India does not win, Astrotalk is still giving 100 crores in honor of the playing Indian team.

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Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win: Punit Gupta

Punit Gupta wrote in his post, as a cricket fan, it cannot be more sad than seeing the team losing. We dominated this tournament like no other country has ever done. But this is life. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. We lost today and shed tears, we should be proud of this team. We should give some love and support to this Indian team, they need it the most. Despite not winning the World Cup, I am very proud of them. We are distributing the amount of Rs 100 crore among our users, because even though we lost today, we are proud of our Team India. Please spread some love! Team India deserves this.

india vs australia

Before the India vs Australia final match, Astrotalk CEO had promised to give Rs 100 crore.

In fact, Astrotalk founder and CEO Punit Gupta had announced that if India wins the World Cup, he will give Rs 100 crore to Astrotalk users. He had announced in a social media post that on India’s World Cup victory, AstroTalk will distribute Rs 100 crore in the wallets of its users.

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What did Punit Gupta announce?

Actually, before the final match, Punit Gupta posted a long post in his social media and wrote, I thought what can we do this time. Last time I had only a few friends with whom I could share my happiness. But this time many Astrotalk users are with me. They are my friends and I have got the opportunity to share my happiness with them. He told in his post that he discussed this with his finance team and decided that if the Indian team wins the World Cup, then he will distribute Rs 100 crore to his users.

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