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AstroHelp: Offer water to the Sun, happiness will come in the house, readers asked many questions in tele counselling.

AstroHelp: According to astrology, the position of planets and constellations has a deep impact on our lives. Due to the changing movement of the planets, the 12 zodiac signs are affected. If your Sun is weak, then to make it favourable, take water in a copper pot every morning, mix red sandalwood in it and offer it to the Sun. Offering water to the Sun purifies the body, mind and soul and brings wealth, prosperity and happiness to the house.

Readers asked many questions in tele counselling.

Question- When will your son get married? Pradeep Kumar, RPS Mode

answer- The horoscope of ascendant is Cancer and the zodiac sign is Scorpio. The difference between the Mahadasha of Venus and the Moon is getting worse. There is a risk of aquatic infection. There are chances of marriage after February 2024.

Question- When will you get freedom from debt? Pramod Kumar Chaudhary, Vaishali

answer- The horoscope of ascendant is Leo and the zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Mahadasha of Rahu and difference of Jupiter is going on. Read Debt Release Mangal Source.

Question- When will my son get a job and get married? Patna

answer- The horoscope of Aquarius is ascendant and Aquarius is the zodiac sign. There is a difference between the Mahadasha of Saturn and Rahu. Job and family problems will end soon.

Question- Tell me the solution to family and job related problems? Kotwali, Patna

answer- Taurus is the ascendant horoscope and Scorpio is the zodiac sign. The time is not favourable. Sun and Mercury are sitting in your money house. The time is favourable. Worship the Sun.

Question- In which field will the job be? Kumari Soni Gupta, Patna City

answer- Sagittarius is the ascendant horoscope and Virgo is the zodiac sign. There is a difference between the Mahadasha of Jupiter and Saturn. There will be benefits in the field of education. Worship Shankar.

Answers to selected questions related to astrology will be published

Many such solutions have been suggested in astrology, by following which every problem of life can be solved. These measures also bring success in career, job, business, family disputes and many other tasks. To solve the various problems given below, you can definitely take astrological advice once. If you have any astrological, spiritual or esoteric curiosity, then ask your question in short words along with your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. or WhatsApp No- 8109683217 send over. Please write ‘BollywoodWallah Digital’ in the subject line. Answers to selected questions will be published in the religion section of BollywoodWallah Digital.


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