As soon as the Reservation Amendment Act came into force, Nitish Kumar held a high level review meeting, gave necessary instructions to the officials.

Patna. Now the way has been cleared for 75 percent reservation in government jobs and educational institutions in Bihar. The Reservation Amendment Bill passed by the Bihar Legislature has been approved by Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar, after which the Gazette has also been issued. After the implementation of these provisions in all government departments of the state, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar held a high-level review meeting in Patna and gave necessary guidelines to the officials.

People should get benefits quickly

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday held a high-level review meeting at ‘Sankalp’ located at 1 Anne Marg to implement the provisions of Reservation (Amendment) Act-2023 in all the government departments of the state and gave necessary instructions to the officials. In the meeting, the Chief Minister said that caste based census was conducted with the consent of all the parties in Bihar. After the report of caste based calculation came, it was discussed in Bihar Assembly and Bihar Legislative Council and on the basis of that, keeping in mind the situation of all the classes, the reservation limit was increased to 75 percent. This bill was passed unanimously by both the houses and its gazette was published. The Chief Minister said that keeping this in mind, all departments should fully implement the provisions of the Reservation Act, so that people get its benefits quickly.

An amount of Rs 2 lakh will be given to a poor family.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that in the caste based calculation, the economic condition of the people has also been calculated, on the basis of which it has been decided that an amount of Rs 2 lakh will be provided to every poor family. An amount of Rs 1 lakh will be made available to landless families to purchase land to build houses. Each beneficiary of the livelihood scheme will be given a benefit of Rs 2 lakh. So far, 1 crore 30 lakh Jeevika Didis have joined the self-help groups in the state, now a target has been set to connect 1 crore 50 lakh Jeevika Didis with the self-help groups. Now self-help groups will be formed in cities also.

Fertility rate decreased in Bihar

The Chief Minister said that since coming to power in 2005, the state government has been doing development work with justice for all sections. The government is continuously working for the benefit of all castes and all classes. He said that 12.5 percent children were out of school, who were sent to school and now the number of children out of school has reduced to less than half percent. When the survey was conducted, it was found that if the wife is matriculation pass, then the fertility rate of the country was 2 and the fertility rate of Bihar was also 2. If the wife is intermediate among husband and wife, then the fertility rate of the country was 1.7 and the fertility rate of Bihar was 1.6. Keeping this in mind, we laid a lot of emphasis on girls’ education. The fertility rate of the state has decreased due to education of girls. Educating women not only benefits them but also benefits the entire family and society.

Now it is possible to reach Patna from any border in six hours

He said that a large number of roads and bridges were constructed in the state. The target of 6 hours to reach Patna from any part of the state has been achieved and now work is being done to achieve the target of 5 hours. The Chief Minister said that after the separation of Jharkhand from Bihar, the green cover area of ​​the state was about 9 percent. A large number of trees were planted and the green cover area of ​​the state has now increased to more than 15 percent. Saplings were also planted in hilly areas by spraying plant seeds. Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali campaign is being run to promote water conservation and greenery. Electricity has been provided to every house. Many works have been done by the government regarding health facilities of the people. Liquor prohibition was implemented in the state, which changed the atmosphere of the society. The production of Neera is being promoted and the products made from it are also being encouraged.

Maintain law and order in all circumstances

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that law and order has been improved. He directed the officials to maintain law and order in the state in every situation and take strict action against those who commit irregularities, no matter who they are. An atmosphere of love and brotherhood was established in the society. He said that the temple and graveyard have been cordoned off, those who are left should also be cordoned off soon. Many iconic buildings have been built in the state. Many new government buildings have been built. Get everything properly maintained. Along with construction of better roads, its maintenance is also necessary. He said that children need better education in every situation. The work of teaching and learning should be done better in schools. Also motivate all the parents to send their children to school regularly.

These officers were present

In the meeting, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Deepak Kumar, Chief Secretary Aamir Subhani, Director General of Police RS Bhatti, Additional Chief Secretary of Revenue and Land Reforms Department Brajesh Mehrotra, Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of Water Resources Department Chaitanya Prasad, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister cum Additional Chief Secretary of Home Department Dr. S. Siddharth, Additional Chief Secretary of Road Construction, Disaster Management cum Health Department Pratyaya Amrit, Secretary of Rural Development Department Dr. N Sarwan Kumar, Secretary of Rural Affairs Department Pankaj Kumar Pal, Home Secretary of the department K Senthil Kumar, Additional Director General of Police, Headquarters JS Gangwar, Secretary to the Chief Minister Anupam Kumar, Secretary of Prohibition, Excise and Registration Department Vinod Singh Gunjiyal, Secretary of General Administration Department Mo Sohail, Secretary of Building Construction Department Kumar Ravi. Other senior officers were present.

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