Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi HC has reserved its decision on the petition filed by CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi High Court has reserved its decision on the petition filed by CM Arvind Kejriwal. Actually, CM Arvind Kejriwal has challenged his arrest in the money laundering case related to Delhi liquor scam in Delhi High Court. His petition was heard in the court today i.e. on Wednesday. Arguments were presented from both sides. Senior advocates Abhishek Manu Singhvi and Amit Desai had reached the court on behalf of Kejriwal. At the same time, ASG SV Raju, who was presenting his arguments on behalf of ED, objected to this. ASG SV Raju said in the court that the arguments given by the petitioner have been given in such a way as if it is a bail petition and not a petition to cancel the arrest. Opposing the petition challenging Kejriwal’s arrest, ED said that the investigation in the case is in the initial stage and the investigation is not over.

ASG Raju gave this argument in the court

ASG Raju argued in the court that the pretext of elections was being used only to divert the attention of the court from the main issue. Efforts are being made to hide the scam worth hundreds of crores of rupees. He said that a large number of mobile phones have been destroyed. You work through middlemen and when things come to you, you say I don’t know anything, I didn’t do anything.

Criminals should be arrested- ASG Raju

ASG Raju told the court that the criminals should be arrested and put in jail. I can murder, rape, but tell the police not to arrest me… elections are near. Any political leader will come and say, we will get relaxation because elections are near. Raju said that we cannot arrest anyone like this because elections are near? What kind of law are we making? The crime of money laundering is worse than murder because murder is done in passion but money laundering is done in cold blood.

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