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Arjun Chhal Benefits: Arjun bark is beneficial for these diseases

Arjun Chahal Benefits: Arjuna bark is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Arjuna bark is considered a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It generally helps in increasing dietary integrity and improving blood circulation. Let us know the benefits of Arjuna bark…

Benefits of Arjuna bark

Arjuna bark also contains potassium, magnesium and calcium. Which is very important for health.

control diabetes

People who want to get rid of diabetes should drink the decoction of Arjuna bark. For this, boil Arjuna bark thoroughly in water and leave it to cool. Consume less than half a glass of this decoction every day. One can get relief from diabetes by drinking it every morning.

In providing relief from acidity

Acidity can be relieved by using Arjuna bark. For this, a decoction of Arjuna bark should be made and consumed daily. This provides relief from gas in the stomach.

in ear pain

If anyone has ear pain then use the juice of Arjuna bark. For this, put 3-4 drops of Arjuna bark juice in the ear, it reduces ear pain.

beneficial in fever

If anyone has fever due to changing weather, then such people should drink the decoction of Arjuna bark. For this, consume 1 spoon Arjun bark powder mixed with jaggery daily. By doing this one can get relief from fever in just two days.

get rid of pimples

If you are troubled by acne then use Arjuna bark. For this, make a paste by mixing Arjuna bark powder with honey and apply it on your face daily. By doing this one can get rid of acne.


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