Anupamaa: A new character will enter the show, Anupama will try to bring Anuj closer


Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s show Anupamaa is leaving fans in shock with its ongoing track. As we all know, Anuj has left the Kapadia house and Anupama and has moved to Mumbai to live with younger Anu and Maya. On the other hand, a heartbroken Anupama has now found the courage to restart her life with new hope. However, Vanraj and Barkha have other plans as they want to create more differences between Anuj and Anupama. Here, Anupama Kapadia will start her new dance academy instead of going to the family. In this dream where everyone will be against Anu, her mother will be with her. If reports are to be believed, now a child artist is going to enter the show, which will bring Anupama and Anuj closer.

New person will enter in Anupama

According to the report of Telechakkar, child artist Mahi Soni’s entry is going to happen in Star Plus’s most popular show Anupama. Which will give courage to Anupama and will try to mend the relationship with Anuj. It is being said that ‘Mahi Soni’ will be a student in Anupama’s dance academy. In the serial, she will be a child without parents, who is very interested in dance, but no one has been able to understand her talent till now. Mahi will see a mother in Anupama. On the other hand, Anupama will look like a little Anu.

High voltage drama will happen in Anupama

In the latest episode, Vanraj will be seen meeting Anuj Kapadia at the saree shop where Anuj Kapadia goes to buy a saree for his wife. Vanraj asks Anuj not to buy a saree for Anupama as he has no feelings for her. On the other hand, Dimple also tells Anupama that parents do not want to send their children to dance classes. She asks Anupama to change the name of the dance academy. It looks like the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa will bring more drama in the story.


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