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Anupama: Toshu will question the relationship between Anupama and Yashdeep

Anupam: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer serial Anupama is again at number one in the TRP list this time. BARC has released the TRP list for the seventh week. In this, Anupama has left everyone behind and taken the number one position. It was shown in the show that Vanraj is planning to go to America, where he talks about taking Baa with him. Kavya also plans to go with him. The upcoming episode of the show will be very interesting.

Anupama’s latest episode
In the latest episode of Anupama, it will be shown that miscreants enter Kinjal’s house and they ask about Toshu. Kinjal tells them that she is not here. The miscreants take out their guns and give Toshu an ultimatum of seven days to return the outstanding money. Kinjal threatened to involve the police. Anupama requests them to leave from there. The miscreants come out from there and while leaving they break the flower vase in the house.

Aadhya ran away from home
Anuj knocks the door of Aadhya’s room, but she does not open. Anuj opens the door with the extra key and sees that Aadhya has escaped through the window. Shruti receives a message from Anuj informing her about Aadhya’s disappearance. Anuj tells him that Aadhya has closed the door and ran out through the window. Anuj expresses concern, fearing that he might be wrong. He decides to talk to Aadhya’s friends.

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Anupama will save Aadhya from miscreants
Kinjal leaves Pari at her friend’s house and goes to search for Toshu. She calls him, but he doesn’t pick up. On the other hand, Anuj calls Anupama and tells about Aadhya’s disappearance. He asks her for help in finding Aadhya. Anupama gets scared that Aadhya might be in trouble. Meanwhile, a thug confronts Aadhya on the bench. Meanwhile, Shruti goes to Aadhya’s friends’ house to find out something. Aadhya is caught by some miscreants and she somehow escapes from their clutches. However, the miscreants track him down and catch him. Anupama comes to help Aadhya and teaches the miscreants a lesson. Both leave from there.

Toshu will raise questions on Yashdeep and Anupama’s relationship
Yashdeep and the entire staff of Spice N Chutney motivate Anupama again to become a dancer. After which Anupama agrees to agree to his request. Toshu sees Yashdeep and Anupama together and talks rudely to her. Toshu questions Yashdeep whether he shows the same concern towards every female employee as he shows towards Anu. Both of them get quite surprised after hearing Toshu’s question.

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What special has happened so far?

Vanraj is shocked to hear Pakhi’s words and asks her to think about her decision. He asks Pakhi not to say such things. Vanraj says that if she does not behave properly then she should leave his house. However, Pakhi expressed her intention to marry Titu. At the same time, the goons have their eyes on Toshu’s house. Kinjal talks to Anupama about Shruti and Anuj’s marriage. Anupama praises Shruti. Despite Kinjal’s concerns about Aadhya, Anupama resolves to prioritize her happiness and overcome Aadhya’s resentment towards her. However, Anupama starts crying after saying everything and Kinjal takes care of her.


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