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Anupama: Ba-Bapuji will be shot! In times of trouble, these 2 people will leave Anupama and run away abroad

Anupam: Full on drama is being shown in the serial Anupama. These days, the track of the show starring Rupali Ganguly (Anupama), Sudhanshu Pandey (Vanraj) and Gaurav Sharma (Anuj) is quite emotional. A lot of ups and downs are being shown in the show and because of this Vanraj and Anupama are very upset. Samar’s death has left everyone devastated. The show will show that Samar’s students come to meet their families and tell them that they have decided to withdraw their entry from the dance competition. They think that now after Samar’s departure, who will teach them dance and they may lose. On this, Samar’s wife Dimple says that she will help him win the competition. Baa gets angry with Dimple’s decision and feels that something might happen to Samak’s child. She questions what the society will think since Samar has just passed away. At the same time, Kinjal, Bapu ji and Kavya support Dimple in her decision. The upcoming episode will be a big shock for the audience. In difficult times, Toshu and Kinjal are trying to leave the family and go abroad.

Pakhi will not be able to become a mother

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be shown that Anupama takes care of Pakhi and tells her not to be disappointed. Even though the doctor said she can’t get pregnant, it doesn’t mean she can’t become a mother. Anupama asks Pakhi to adopt the child. She says that Pakhi can also become someone’s Yashoda mother. Pakhi says she wants her own child, not an adopted one. Pakhi says that she wants to experience the mood changes and weight gain etc. that happen during pregnancy. Meanwhile, Anupama decides that she will celebrate Navratri as it was her favorite festival of summer.

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Police shared this about Vanraj

It will be shown in Anupama that Anuj will get a call from the police and they will tell that someone has made a video of the fight between Suresh and Vanraj. Through this video, Suresh will try to prove Vanraj as mentally unbalanced. Which means that Vanraj’s testimony will have no meaning. Through this video, Suresh will try to get bail for his son. Meanwhile, Anupama overhears Anuj’s words and says that even if Sonu is spared, Mother Goddess will punish the boy during this Navratri. Anuj tries to convince her, but she stops him. Malti Devi listens to them and feels that Anupama only thinks about her child and the Shah family. He has no worries about his son.

Ba-babuji will be shot

Anupama and Anuj’s friend Devika will once again enter Anupama. A promo has come out, in which it will be shown that Baa-Bapuji are talking and someone will try to aim a gun at them from near the door. However, Vanraj will see this and try to save them. But till then the bullet will be fired. It is not clear whether the bullet hits Baa and Babuji or not. The curtain on this will be lifted in the coming episodes.

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Kinjal will leave Anupama and run away abroad

It will be shown in Anupama that Toshu and Kinjal plan to go to UK soon. He plans to tell the family about this on Navratri. She is seen telling Toshu how she does not like living with the family anymore. Kinjal explains to him that she does not want to separate him from his family, but circumstances have forced her to do so. She asks Toshu to stay here because Vanraj is unwell. She tells him that first she will go and then Pari and Toshu can come.


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