Anand Mahindra shared a video of the truck driver and learned a big lesson.

Anand Mahindra Share Video of Truck Driver Rajesh Ravani: Industrialist Anand Mahindra is known for his numerous posts on the X platform. Sometimes he tickles his followers through his posts, and sometimes he gives such inspirational lessons in his conversations that can change someone’s life.

Anand Mahindra has shared a video of truck driver Rajesh Ravani in his latest post. Rajesh is a truck driver and has become a YouTube star. Anand Mahindra has tried to inspire X users with Rajesh’s passion.

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In his post, Anand Mahindra has said that Rajesh’s success inspires that no matter what your age or profession is, it is never too late to learn new technology and transform yourself with it, whenever you decide. Users commented on this post and expressed their feelings.

Anand Mahindra mentioned in his post that Rajesh Ravani, who has been a truck driver for more than 25 years, made a new beginning by adding food and travel vlogging to his profession and has now become a celebrity with 1.5 million followers on YouTube. Have done. Not only this, he has also bought a house with his earnings.

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Anand Mahindra further wrote that Rajesh Rawani has proved that no matter what your age is or how small your profession is, it is never too late to adopt new technology and reinvent yourself. It is known that Rajesh Ravani is a truck driver and he travels on many routes across the country. He teaches people how to cook in his truck and his son also helps him in this work.

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